Getting a programme to run in XP

  [DELETED] 19:39 29 Jul 2003

I have purchased a CD which has a programme on it to create .pdf files. It was purchased from a reputable Trade Fair but is not direct from the manufacturer if you see what I mean.
My problem is I cannot get it to run and install. I have tried install.exe and setup.exe and if I go into My Computer and see what is on the disc there are a lot of files and folders but nothing to indicate - press here to install. I have tried the Install Wizard and also through Control Panel and RUN.

I have Windows XP and I suppose it is possible it just won't run on XP. Can anyone come up with any suggestions please ?

  [DELETED] 19:44 29 Jul 2003

"is not direct from the manufacturer if you see what I mean." If that means what I think it means then there is a legal phrase that fits the situation you are in - caveat emptor - let the buyer beware. Looks like you've been had and the Trade Fair wasn't as reputable as you thought. Do you not have any references to the person(s) that sold this to you?

  [DELETED] 20:05 30 Jul 2003

No there is nothing to indicate where it came from. There were many stalls in the Fair selling this type of CD which I guessed was the same as the stalls that sold compatible ink cartridges and paper at much cheaper rates than the big shops. It all seemed very above board to me and the venue was not dodgy by any means !
The CD has many files and Folders on it and looks genuine. Its just that I cannot get it to run.

  [DELETED] 20:15 30 Jul 2003

Try it on a PC with 98 or similar on if possible, some programs are just totally incompatible with XP, it may be that it's old stock and cheap because it's not XP compatible.

If you go to the install file, right click and select properties, click on compatibility, enable the compatibility mode and select a version of windows, see if that helps. If it will install that way then you'll probably have to hunt down the .exe it installs and set that to compatibility mode too.

There's also somthing you can do to make the PC accept discs meant for Win 2000, used when drivers aren't avaliable for XP, I think I read it on either the Epson site or HP site in the FAQ's, but not sure if it'll work for other programs.

  bruno 21:17 30 Jul 2003

On XP there is a program to test compatability.Go to help and support/pick a taskfind compatible etc.

  [DELETED] 13:32 31 Jul 2003

If I'm not mistaken (forgive me if I am), .pdf files come from Acrobat Reader, which is downloadable free from click here
You shouldn't need to pay for this type of application, there are loads of freebies on the net.

  [DELETED] 14:16 31 Jul 2003

Unfortunely you are mistaken, the free acrobat(adobe) reader only Reads ,it does not create.
as to the problem in hand, Is there no executable file on the Disk at all? run a search for files of type *.exe and *.msi

  [DELETED] 14:19 31 Jul 2003


Acrobat reader is exactly that; a reader. It will not create pdf files, as Timothy wants to do.

If he does not resolve his problem, then a free XP, (and other version of Windows), compatible pdf maker is available here:

click here

  [DELETED] 16:51 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for that guys, I stand (or sit) corrected..
but you got it right anchor. I knew something was out there somewhere....PS I've put me glasses on now.(and it's been a long week).

  [DELETED] 19:12 31 Jul 2003

Thanks folks for all your help.
I shall proceed.

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