getting Pipex bill on line

  palinka 17:40 10 Feb 2009

Any Pipex users out there?
Are you able to get your detailed bill on line since their system for this has changed?
I got it once (in Dec I think), but now keep getting error message – “can’t connect, etc.”
My neighbour has the same problem.
Had no problems before November when they changed things.

  Halmer 20:26 10 Feb 2009

click here uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.

(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

when I try to view 'My account'.

  colberly 08:36 11 Feb 2009

No problems here with Pipex now.

  Taff™ 08:43 11 Feb 2009

I haven`t been able to get invoices since October last year. They announced the changeover to the new system in November. Logging in to My Pipex and then the portal for View my Bill gives me an invalid username and password response. It`s beyond a joke at the moment.

Last month Pipex combined my Homecall Telephone Account and Pipex Internet Account into one payment by Direct Debit. They sent a letter about combining the two accounts but didn`t make it clear that they would be cancelling one of the payment instructions. I also received a charge on that bill marked Cancellation Fee! The annoying thing is I have to pay to phone them to get the matter corrected.

This is not the first billing problem I have had recently. Back in October I changed one of the payment instructions by telephone (Due to a card Expiry) and they didn`t take the full amount or confirm the payment which I couldn`t check on line. Then in November they rang me up demanding immediate settlement despite me giving them a payment reference from Barclaycard. I refused and despite their promise to investigate they cut my internet access off two days later. Recorded letter of complaint along with proof of payment from Barclaycard followed. I`m sure they are breaking a code of conduct somewhere along the line.

  carper 09:35 11 Feb 2009

I have no trouble getting my bill although it is a couple of days before I can view it after it has been announced that I can view it. In general I have no trouble with Pipex and was probably one of the lucky ones even when it was Bulldog and had such a bad reputation. Regards Carper

  palinka 10:18 11 Feb 2009

thanks everyone; compared with you my problem is quite minor - yes, I receive my bill at the due date and pay it by direct debit, BUT i want to see the complete list of every phone call made using Pipex, and I used to be able to see that at any time & going back several months.
Now I can't even log into the My Bill part of the Pipex website.
I've emailed Pipex, but I'm afraid I don't expect a reply (despite their "within X working days" stuff)because i've not had replies from them to any problem or question for the last couple of years or so.

  palinka 14:01 12 Feb 2009

I've solved the problem myself. By trial and error I found that this is the link tht gets you to the page where you can view bills for the last 6 months or so, and in detail. You have to register for this "service", but I'd already done that ages ago:
click here

Discovered also, that you can check the "status" of problems/questions sent to Pipex and all mine, except the latest that I sent this week, are marked as "resolved" (or a similar expression) even though, in most cases, Pipex have done nothing to help resolve a problem.

  palinka 14:31 12 Feb 2009

half an hour after posting the above and a whole week after I firsat posed my question to Pipex I get a response from Pipex - as useless a response as (i'm afraid) i've come to expect: it suggests that maybe my Adobe software isn't up to date; and failing that I should register for paper billing !!!!!!!

  cavok 17:42 08 Mar 2009

Pipex My Bill, has stopped working over the last week. Customer 'Support' is dire. Getting bounced between technical support and customer 'Services'. Will try again tomorrow, but reading that many others are having the same problems. This seems to have started since Tiscali became the 'mother' company - as they put it. Not far off giving up completely and changing to another provider.

  douglas1973 21:02 08 Mar 2009

My advice is to change your service provider. Pipex was once a good provider but they are now absolutely hopeless. You will find it difficult to obtain a MAC code and might have to get OFCOM to intervene. Good luck!

  anchor 07:40 09 Mar 2009

Last week I received a message that my Pipex bill was available to view on line; and I had not problem is seeing it.

Customer services is quite another thing. I had major a problem, and spent about 30 mins talking to them. The man was pleasant but seemed out of his depth. I decided to write to the Pipex, (now Tiscali), technical director at Head office. After less than a week the problem was resolved.

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