getting into a pickle with Google

  zoomer 09:28 11 Aug 2003

I had a site hosted wth my ISP @ click here ,anyway things progressed and I got some "proper" webspace and a domain @ click here , then roceded to go on the DMOZ forums and got help from the moderator who replaced my original entry in DMOZ with my new site....tehn on advice I put a redirect on my old site and al seemed to go swimmingly (No 2 on Google for keyword Cumnock)....however on Google and the other SE`s it feeds my site title was ok but the URL was stil showing as my old site..then the ste dropped to eight or so and Google didnt seem to pick up on new pages after waiting a while and reading forums etc I changed the redirect on my old site and added meta name ="robots" content ="noindex,follow"> to the redirect........(this after reading that apparently redirects can be frowned upon by Google), so anyhow now both are nowhere to be seen....and I`m getting obsessive about Google....any thoughts?

  Weatherlawyer 18:41 22 Aug 2003

Have you resubmitted the present site?

  Forum Editor 22:56 22 Aug 2003

feel that you need to maintain the redirect. Surely the best thing would be to concentrate on the new site? Make a fresh submission, and wait for it to appear in the listings.

Do you find that you get many referals from the engines anyway - is Cumnock a search term that's used very often? A search on the word using ten of the biggest engines returns a total of 36 references, non of which are either of yours, as you say. Don't get fixated on Google - often some of the biggest volumes of referrals come from smaller engines.

I'm afraid that as I write neither the redirect nor the new url is working - your site doesn't load at all.

  zoomer 09:21 23 Aug 2003

thanks for the replies and the time taken to help, very odd that none of the sites are up,no explanation other than perhaps I was working on them, anyhow, yes my old site sends a fair amount (well fair for my site) of visitors to my new site,odd too that you didnt find new site in any SE`s you tried, its 2 on Altavista and ranks on the first page on many smaller engines, you are correct though in advising not to get fixated with Google, however it was the single most productive in traffic terms,also as foks in Cumnock are my target I would like to rank well for this search term, I rank 1st for "Cumnock uk" I must point out also that none of this is life and death , I`m just interested in SEO. I`m most likely being way too impatient.Many thanks again, your input is very much appreciated.....Ian

  anchor 12:39 23 Aug 2003

Your site is up and running, and the redirect works fine.

  zoomer 13:25 23 Aug 2003

yes, and apparently redirects should have meta tags with "noindex, follow" (which I have), as Google sometimes (I`m informed anyway) can frown on redirects.Ideally redirects should be done with a 301 but as my old site is on Freeserve webspace I cant do this.

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