getting people to see my website

  The GnoMe 21:17 16 Nov 2003

Hi all I have finished the website for my father with the help from you all. Please see previous thread,
click here

But just before we go onto our proper host, I would like some help on how I can advertise it correctly,
Don’t get me wrong this site is not the main point of advertising for the firm but merely an extra hobby of mine to help him out,
But all the same it would be nice if people could enter 'solicitors in wirral' into a search engine and my site would come up as a result,
how do I go about this and what is the best way to do it, the budget is not very high but we have a bit to spend, but how does it work I have heard of pay per click but I really don’t know.

Any help is great.

  PurplePenny 21:46 16 Nov 2003

Get the site onto DMOZ - The Open Directory Project. Most of the hits we get are from DMOZ based search engines.

click here

It is all done by real people so it can take a while to get onto the directory but once on you will get found.


  Talented Monkey 21:57 16 Nov 2003

search engine results is a heavily debated subject there are many factors involved in your ranking, such as meta tags optimization for certain engines and paying for rankings.

Have a look at click here you should find a lot of helpful and interesting information on here if you want to skip to their meta tag section then click here

Another good way to advertise your site is to simply promote the website name wherever and when ever possible. For starters forums allow for a homepage link in your prodfile, and a signature to appear at bottom of posts, the website link will work wonders. You can also carry this through with emails, add a signature footnote to the end of your email, but not too long!

There are many opportunities to get your website in the public domain, and carrying on the IT based strategy, place website address on every single piece of literature, letters, posters business cards and anything else the public will get to look at. One good idea that seems to be taking off is to get a custom printed car window banner of your website address and stick it in back window of your car.

I am sure you can think of other ideas! Hope this is of help

  PurplePenny 22:31 16 Nov 2003

Here's a way to produce a cheap car window sticker:

Print onto acetate (available from PC World) then rub a little washing-up liquid all over the right side of the acetate. Press the acetate against the inside of your car window and it will stay in place.


  Talented Monkey 23:17 16 Nov 2003

Now why didn’t I think of that? That certainly opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Thanks for that little gem Penny.


  MichelleC 08:47 17 Nov 2003

Also meta tags on the index.htm page help too, so if you included the wording (eg) 'solicitors' 'wirral uk' etc it wouldn't do any harm.

BTW you can use a free trial version of addweb website promoter 6 which gives several free submissions to major search engines click here

  The GnoMe 10:07 23 Nov 2003

thanks guys n gals

  A_World_Maker 13:34 23 Nov 2003

I have always found that placing a link to a search website on your index page, helps a great deal, in fact I place links to all the largest search websites on all my websites. Its surprising how fast you get evaluated, even without being spidered and or metatags (as in my personal website, I get 27,000 visitors per month). The open source website is one of the easiest ways of getting ranked click here

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