Getting our own server

  Mesma 13:39 15 Feb 2008


The company I'm working for is thinking of getting its own server to host our website and for email, as we are having problems with receiving some emails with our current webhost, easyspace.
I don't know too much about servers though, so I was wondering if I could get some advice on what type of server to get, what software to get (linux or windows), about securty, maintenance etc., and also what type of connection would be best. We're currently on standard BT broadband, 8mb, but only getting 300kb/s upload speeds, which I don't think would be enough,
IT may well turn out that it wouldn't be worth getting our own server.

Anyway, sorry for the abundance of questions; any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  Forum Editor 19:18 15 Feb 2008

is that, unless your company is a fairly large one, and has the financial and technical resources to run a web server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it's not a great idea.

Some companies do run their own web-servers, I have several clients who do it, but they usually do it for specialised reasons - if they are financial institutions, for instance, or have huge traffic loads, or they're running very big and very busy e-commerce operations. Otherwise it's probably best to run a commercial web site with a professional hosting company. Thousands of companies do it.

I host sites for most of my client companies, and I provide all of them with their own email server. I suggest that you consider such an arrangement for your company - you'll have none of the technical concerns, and your site and email will function perfectly. It will almost certainly be less expensive as well.

I'm sure that other forum members will provide you with the names of suitable hosting companies.

  crosstrainer 14:48 18 Feb 2008

I agree with the FE, the financial implications go beyond bandwidth etc. Your company will need in house IT staff who have the required expertise to manage your server, firewall for email etc. etc. If you are a smaller concern, it's really not worth forking out loads of cash for somone like me to design a soloution for you.

It isn't just a case of buying a server, they have to be tailored to your requirements, and regularly backed up (daily) updated and supervised. If you can do without then do.

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