Getting online with Linux

  Setsuka 11:07 06 Feb 2006


I have recently installed SUSE Linux 9.1 on another system I have. I also have a 4 ethernet port Router with ADSL "modem" built in. I have it working fine on Windows (by assigning my network card with an IP address and specifying the router as the gateway, subnet mas etc) however, I entered simular setting's in Linux and it won't work. It keeps saying that the Hostname and Domain name are incorrect...

Can anybody advise?


  igk 16:06 06 Feb 2006

I have the same os on one of my home network pc's I just plugged the network card into a spare socket on my hub and installed the os it did everything itself with no adjustments from me and even checked for security updates,so I think you may be going wrong by messing with lan card settings..
Here are some links that I found helpfull especially if you want to network with windoze based pc's:
click here
click here
click here
click here

Hope this helps..

  Haol 16:15 06 Feb 2006

You may need to download some modules and firmware, what card have you got?

  Setsuka 18:22 06 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice and the links

I did try it without changing the setting but the online updates didn't work because it couldn't find the net (something to do with the domain name again)

my card is a VIA... can't tell you much more than that right now I'm afraid

  Haol 18:44 06 Feb 2006

Maybe try searching Google for some modules or/and firmware for that make of card.

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