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Getting old Windows XP software to operate.

  Tony Booth 12:51 07 Jun 2017

I have an old wireless hi-fi - the Philips Streamium WACS700 - which has had to be returned to a manufacturing state after a fatal problem demanded a repair. The repair cost £150. The unit needs to have the original Set-Up software loaded to connect my PC to the hi-fi unit wirelessly, so it operates as it should. The original software is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and no further support or upgrade has been offered by Philips. My PC operates under Windows 8, so the software cannot be used, currently meaning my repaired hi-fi doesn't work and is for throwing out despite the repair. I am now at a loss and would appreciate any suggestions, if any exist.

  Jollyjohn 13:53 07 Jun 2017

You could try this - click here and install the old software on you PC.

Another option is to look for VirtualBox. Download and install VirtualBox and then install XP on a virtual PC. This is assuming you have a Windows XP cd and licence key.

A third option is to look for an old PC running XP and use that.

  Tony Booth 14:00 07 Jun 2017

Thanks. I'll work through those and hope the first or second ones work.

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