getting my laptop on the net useing wireless

  jaysue 23:11 18 Jan 2005

hi all i have just brought a wireless usb network adapter wot else do i need to get my laptop on the net useing wireless

  JonnyTub 23:15 18 Jan 2005

Is your laptop wireless enabled ?

  jaysue 23:24 18 Jan 2005

yes it is

  JonnyTub 23:26 18 Jan 2005

If your usb network adaptor is wireless, then you have all you need, plug your adaptor into your modem, and you'll be away, after a little setting up of course.

  TomJerry 23:30 18 Jan 2005

wireless usb adaptor only enable laptop to get the signal, but you need to get signal somewhere

you can get from a WiFi hotspot (many starbuck cafe and some railway station, not cheap)

or you need to set up a access point in your home

  jaysue 23:46 18 Jan 2005

im trying 2 use my pc as my achor but not getting any where i thought just buying i wireless adapter wud b all i need

  TomJerry 00:02 19 Jan 2005

(1) In you main PC: install drive software come with usb stick, and then plug in stick. You have to do in this order, if you have not down in this order, uninstall drive software (go to control panel and device manager to do this) and start again.

(2) On you main PC, click my computer and network, then click set up a network, this will start a network setup wizard and just follow on screen instruction

(3) do the same on your laptop, on some laptop, wireless capability has to be enabled in device manage. Once you done this, you should have a ad-hoc network so you laptop talk to your main PC

(4) Now, you need to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" in your main PC. You can find out how to do this by searchiing "Internet Connection Sharing (or ICS)" on windows own help. Everything should be fine now.

A few thing to look: (a) if you have any firewall software such as Zonealarm, it is better to uninstall it when you do setup, once you got everything done properly, you can install it again. (b) enable WEP on both PCs for security.

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