Getting my forum noticed on the search engines

  STEVE71163 15:52 24 Mar 2004

I started a forum for cleaning professionals last month click here and its going quite well but i wonder if anyone can give me some advice on getting on the search engines? I have submitted the site with hello engines but i still cannot find the site :0(

Many Thanks

  whatsupdoc 18:40 24 Mar 2004

my friend tried to log in to your site last week and he failed on 3 separate attempts. i,ll get him to try again. he cleans carpets and car valeting in the midlands
sorry i can't help with your forum question but my mate thinks its a really good idea as hes always got questions he needs help on.

  STEVE71163 18:57 24 Mar 2004

Sorry to hear your mate could not get into the site but he does need to register first with his full name or company trading name and he will be sent a password. If he has any problems my e mail address is [email protected]

  PurplePenny 21:26 24 Mar 2004

I don't know for sure but I suspect it might be because there isn't much text there for the search engines to pick up on. Maybe you should have a home page which says what the forum is and who it is for rather than launching straight into the forum. That's just a guess on my part so don't take it as gospel.

Have you submitted it to DMOZ-the Open Directory Project?

click here

It takes a while to get listed because sites are checked by human beings first. Once listed your details start to appear all over the place (DMOZ data is used by many search engines and directories).


  STEVE71163 21:31 24 Mar 2004

Many thanks for the link. I will submit it now :0)

  frazky 22:57 24 Mar 2004 00:32 25 Mar 2004

I have been tempted to submit some of my sites there, but this line from the agreement always puts me off at the last minute.

"To grant Netscape Communications Corporation a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, publish, copy, edit, modify, or create derivative works from my submission".

Maybe I am reading it wrong, but it seems to give them ownership almost, of the site.

Cheers, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 07:14 25 Mar 2004

you should work on a 'homepage' portal for your forum.

Create a normal web page with some images and a few small blocks of highly specific text - mention all the things that relate to a forum for cleaning professionals.

It will greatly enhance the look of your forum, and you can provide a simple button "enter forum" for people to click on. The search engines will then have something to chew on.

  arh1 16:20 25 Mar 2004

I'm glad I found this topic; it's just the query I had. Thanks PP. I've just gone through the DMOZ process - pretty straightforward. :)

Noone should worry about the clause in the agreement. Look at the definition of 'your submission' - it only relates to the description of your site -it specifically excludes the content so they're not allowed to simply steal your ideas and images!

Many thanks, you've saved me a lot of searching!

  Gemma 18:36 25 Mar 2004

Some meta tags could help too.

  Aspman 10:31 29 Mar 2004

There was a thread on this a while ago click here

But the general points were:

Do you have lots of money?
If the answer is no then don't get your hopes up about appearing in the top of search listings.
If you want to be near the top you are going to have to pay.

You can list with smaller local portals and you can submit your site for free on most of the big search engines but with no guarentees of getting listed.

It's a black art but a good start is to get your keywords, meta description and the the first paragraph of text on your front page sorted to all be relevant to your site.

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