Getting my dvi to hdmi to work on my tv

  cocymsc 09:13 08 Aug 2008

my tv is a philips 32pfl540/10 lcd tv (click here) and i bought it to hook up to my pc which has blu ray/ hd dvd drive in it.

i connected the 2 via hdmi and checked the supported resolutions and refresh rates and all were fine, and when i put the channel on, the desktop was there, all fine. problem came when every now and then it flashes up no video signal or unsupported video format, thought it might be cable so changed that, no joy.

after lots of trial and error and tinkerin i think i found the problem. on nvidia control panel i changed the digital colour profile from rgb to YcBcR. This seems to have stopped the no video signal problem but now all blacks have turned purple and whites are a lime greenish colour.

all drivers are up to date on everything, even new tv firmware downloaded, just want to kno any ideas on how to sort this, any sort of thing that will convert the colours back to normal but still in theYcBcR format, or how to make the TV work in RGB.

cheers, michael

q6600 quad 2.4, 4gb, gf9800gtx, asus p35nd mobo, lg ggc bluray hd dvd combi drive

  cocymsc 09:14 08 Aug 2008

o yeah, and its on vista ultimate 32 bit

  crosstrainer 09:18 08 Aug 2008

In the advanced section of the Nvidia control panel, check that:

A) your TV is correctly listed.

B) tick the box marked "Treat as High Def TV"

It did this on mine, and works with standard gold HDMI cables. The problems you describe are cause by using a HDMI cable when you should have a Three connection variety if you want to use it that way.

  cocymsc 14:50 08 Aug 2008

when u say 3 connection variety do you mean like composite? if i use that it wont be hi def will it? mine doesnt have a treat as high def but i can choose from whether it is 1080i or p or 720 so thats the same thing yeah? have it as hd 1080 but still does it, and it does come up with my tele in control panel yeah.

  cocymsc 15:05 08 Aug 2008

more so but not just then

  cocymsc 15:09 08 Aug 2008


it seems to have stabilised on rgb aswell and colour is fine UNTIL i watch a blu ray where everyone is blue and orange! like oompa loompas. no sign of no video signal for now tho

  Ditch999 15:25 08 Aug 2008

Try running it at 720p as your TVs resolution is 1366x768 and put it on RGB

  Ditch999 15:26 08 Aug 2008

Dont know where you live but you can get problems like that if you try to watch NTSC movies on a PAL system and vice versa.

  cocymsc 15:31 08 Aug 2008

tried it in 720 still same. in manual its says it supports 1080 up to 60hz if using a computer but yeah i thought it might be that too so tried 720 and was same. any ideas on this blue orange problem? its set to pal (europe) and i bought the blu ray (i am legend) from asda so its definately pal

  cocymsc 22:16 08 Aug 2008


i had it working in 1080 when tinkerin with them colour profiles watched batman begins on it but then when turnin off and on again settings on nvid control panel went back t normal so its off agen

  woodchip 22:37 08 Aug 2008

Computers do not work as HD they will play HD dvd, Films are created in HD format Not PCs. That's why you pay extra to view HD on Sky. So composite will not make no difference for normal TV or PC playback, only if you play a HD DVD on the PC will you lose out

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