Getting a Laptop connected to the Internet

  shazza65 20:03 31 Mar 2005

I currently have a PC connected to a Netgear Router and am thinking of purchasing a friends old lap top.

I plugged a network lead into the laptop, which is a Toshiba Satellite thing about 3/4 years old and plugged it into my router. Unfortunately I couldn't get out onto the internet.

Do I need a netgear network card thing to plug into the laptop in order for it to work?

How do I find out if it has a 10/100 Lan module?

It says it has a 1394 Net Adapter, what does this mean? Is it compatable??


  Paranoid Android 22:05 31 Mar 2005

Pardon me if I'm on the wrong track, but have you established the the laptop is correctly logged on to the network, and is set up to use the LAN for its internet gateway ?


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 06:38 01 Apr 2005

i would assume your router is DHCP enabled so i would suggest you check your network connection is set to

1 automatically Assign ip Adress
2 Automatically assign DNS
3 Does the laptop have a firewall running that may be blocking access to the network
4 Also as Paranoid Android has suggested is your connection set to use the lan

Also if you would like to share files across the network you laptop would need to have the same workgroup name

Hope These ideas are of some help to you

  Paranoid Android 18:02 01 Apr 2005

Oh it's you, Zaphod. Stolen any good ships lately ? Don't feel you have to pay any attention to me, I'm only a menial robot.

I think I ought to tell you, I'm feeling very depressed.


  shazza65 19:35 01 Apr 2005

Firstly, sorry your feeling so depressed, maybe the nice weather will cheer you up!

I don't really understand what you are saying. The laptop has Norton Firewall on it which worked OK when my friend connected to Tiscali via dial up. However, I need to connect it to the Netgear router, I thought it was just a case of plugging in a lead and the computer would sort it out, have niave I am!

How do I establish if the laptop is correctly logged on to the network and is set up to use the LAN for its internet gateway ?

Zaphod Beeblebrox, trust you are not depressed.

What is DHCP enabled? I am on telewest broadband if that means anything.

How do I check if my network connection is set to automatically Assign ip Adress, automatically assign DNS?

Sorry the both of you to sound so thick, just don't know much about laptops or stand alones for that matter, learning all the time.

  woodchip 19:46 01 Apr 2005

If you are connected direct into Router it should not need to see other computers unless you want to share network. You should be able to connect direct through the Router Check both Router settings and Laptop network settings. Network settings are in control panel for laptop. One I am not sure about but does the Router software have to be installed on all computers? I would think so

  shazza65 19:59 01 Apr 2005

So, what you're saying is, run the disc that came with the router on the laptop? Pressumably I then plug the network cable into the router and after a possible re-start (coz you always seem to have to do those), I should be able to click on the internet icon and get out onto the internet. Not worried at all about networking by the way.

  woodchip 20:01 01 Apr 2005

Well that what I would try

  vinnyo123 21:40 01 Apr 2005

You don't really need to run router software on all PC's. Just make sure RJ45 cable (straight through cable not crossover) is plugged in Laptop and open port on router. How many ports on router? If your main PC is getting IP and DNS IP's from router(DHCP) then your Latop should be setup to get IP and DNS automaticlly.If you manually setup main PC then you need to input IP's into Laptop.

As stated in above posting double check your IP's

they need to be in the same class C range exmple's (router = default gateway) (laptop) (main PC)

And DNS server IP's (of your ISP's = netrnet server provider)

Network properties,this is where you find these configurations TCP/IP properties.

Also you can log into router through IE with its IP address not sure of hand what default it comes with example type in in IE and router sign in page should pop up log in with default password or if you have changed it (which you should)and double check your configurations (DHCP ISP DNS servers and so on)

  shazza65 21:48 01 Apr 2005

Thank you for your responses. Just speaking to someone regarding the type of hardware on this laptop. As previously mentioned it has a 1394 network adapter. My router is 10/100, do I need a 10/100 adapter in the laptop? I'm going to a computer fair on sunday so could possibly pick one up there.

  woodchip 22:05 01 Apr 2005

Would that be the Metrodome by any chance

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