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  [DELETED] 21:31 18 Apr 2006

I recently got my NOF9. Started to play w/frames, this seems to have been a huge mistake... Now I cannot seem to get my sites up to my host. seems to be looped into the Triple B site, the Triple B site, click here is gobblygook and I cannot get it to change. My personal site, click here is also a mess. I dont understand what I am doing wrong here? Anyone able to help?

ISP = AOL (look I live in the middle of nowhere, thus the ranch name of the BFC and AOL is the best I can do at the moment)

Sites up. click here (working) click here (working) click here (working) (a mess) click here (a mess) and click here (a mess)

Adjusted the html to read .html but I hadn't changed that before this mess began about a week ago. The issue w/the frames was that I couldn't get the photo albulm for Triple B to work properly, then it all got stuck...

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I am on my knees here as I have no hair left!)

Thank you,


  PurplePenny 23:22 18 Apr 2006

test.mywyldeweb doesn't seem to be looped into Triple B. What I'm seeing there is a holding screen with a rather beautiful mountain scene and horses and a link to the main mywyldeweb site.

On the Triple B site I can get into it and navigate a couple of pages. Should I be able to do more? Photos are not showing up. Should the "some of the incidents.." link lead to the photo album you mentioned?

The BFC ranch site seems to be working OK, except that some photos are missing. What is it on that site that isn't the way it is supposed to be?

  Forum Editor 23:41 18 Apr 2006

and unfortunately I'm very pushed for time right now. I'll look at your thread again in around 24 hours, by which time I'm sure that others will have responded.

I'll add what I can at that time, but I have an idea that it might be a plan to let me take a look at your site files on the server, if you're prepared to email me your ftp address and login.

In the meantime, I suggest that you go through your image files and do some organising. Put all your images into the assets folder that NOF creates by default, and then change your page links so that the images are all being loaded from that location. It would also be an idea to go through the image file-names. Keep them short, avoid the use of double underscores (at least one image is titled that way) and use lower case only.

  [DELETED] 23:48 18 Apr 2006

Thank you for the quick response! Glad to know the testing site FINALLY changed, was trying again, it's kinda showing using IE, but NOT on AOL, guess another call is in order here... <wicked smile> Triple B is a mess, it should be title page w/scrolling top/bottom, then About Us w/a flip page showing the facility. The Rescues we've been involved with should also have a flip page showing some standing, and not standing animals w/midi "Bless the Beasts and the Children" and I think I left the rest out, as I was just trying to get the thing to change out of the original frame site (should only be a purple bar/left background?)

As for the BFC, depends on what pages you are looking at... There should be horses (individual pages) reference sires (individual pages) goats and the Border Collies...

Thank you for the complement on the MWWD holding page... That is a graphic I did using Shangri-La and my mares (if you go to About Us on the BFC site, if all pix are there, you should recognize the mares and see the original picture that they came from).

OK, off to get the stock fed and back to it. Are you familiar w/the NOF9? Any clues as to why I am missing pictures that WERE there at one time? They are all in the assets file, although I have noticed that sometimes if I move pictures, even though reflected in the assets, they don't show up on a preview....


  [DELETED] 23:51 18 Apr 2006

I have no problem letting you in, but would prefer it NOT to be posted here. Please email me your address when you get the chance. I will commence to moving things around as soon as I get back in. The stock is telling me that it's dinner time and I am late! (Goats, never let you forget a meal! LOLOLOLOL)

Thank you for your time. It is MUCH appreciated!


  [DELETED] 18:09 19 Apr 2006

I didn't think of the email link, and yes, loss of hair is leaking my brains.

I am doing as he suggested and getting things better organized. Had a few words w/AOL, this morning things all seem to be doing as they should, (test is up, has changed, been changed again 3 x now w/no proplems) however, there is still a lot to be learned in this and I still want to know why the frames seem to be affecting the photo albulms, and I will accept any and all assistance in building my knowledge, and I DO appreciate FE's willingness to take a moment (or three) from his busy schedule to assist, and I do hope somehow to return the favor. I am not the ingrate.

Deep breath has been taken. I am still thinking this is largely an ISP issue (and yes, part mine from not knowing how to fix it from a technical standpoint from my end) as it was AOL users who had problems and non did not from all I asked...

Thank you for your time, and I will do as you suggested, email FE via profile. Thank you for pointing that out to me. :)


  Forum Editor 18:30 19 Apr 2006

Please send me:-

Your ftp login address(es)



and we'll take it from there. I'm not working in the UK at the moment, and you're not there anyway, so we're at the mercy of three different time zones - my temporary one, your permament one, and the forum's UK zone. That's OK, but will mean that things may take a little longer - bear with me (I'm back in London on Friday) and I'll get back to the thread then - if not before.

  [DELETED] 19:38 19 Apr 2006

YGM and thank you again.


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