Getting Internet to my TV - basically starting fresh.

  jendempsey22 21:06 19 Nov 2012

Hi All - Thanks for reading. Our very old DVD player broke and we don't pay for many cable channels. I want to play netflix (and access the web in general) on my TV (we are going to upgrade the TV in the next year - but our current TV has an hdmi port and my husband THINKS it can read a wifi signal.) We also have an old PC that will be dying in the next year (I may kill it) and are thinking about replacing it that with a WiFi router, laptop and tablet since our kids are getting older and we need more internet access and fewer cables in our house. We aren't made of money too - so price is a big factor here.

What do I need to do to make sure a wifi signal can be read by my TV?

I've seen a $100 DVD/Blu-Rayplayer with Wifi receiver combo product (Sony) at Sams. We do want to be able to play my son's kids movies still, so don't want to do away with DVD-playing ability. I also don't want to run a 60foot cable from our PC to the TV (hubby's idea) - would this kind of combo player bridge the gap for us?

We don't want to have to buy a new wifi router when we add those other devices in the next year or two. Our home is pretty small, without big concrete walls or anything that may interfere too much with the signal. What basic things do we look for in a router?

Am I overlooking a very easy solution here? I feel overwhelmed by the complete technology overhaul my house will be getting in the next 2 years and don't want to make any expensive mistakes!

Thank you for your help! Jennifer

  natdoor 10:35 21 Nov 2012

An HDMI socket cannot be used to acess Wi-Fi. This facility is either built into equipment or provided by insering a USB dongle into a USB socket specially provided for this purpose. TVs which have such capability are described as "Smart" and have only fairly recently been introduced. Hence it is almost certain that your current TV cannot accept a Wi-Fi signal.

The internet access provided by Smart TVs or other devices such as DVD players with wi-Fi tends to be limited to various entertainment sites such as Netflix, Lovefilm, YouTube etc., although newer models are expanding the capability. I believe that Sony make a TV with the most comprehensive capability.

One way to get internet to your existing TV without using it as a monitor for a PC or laptop would be to use a Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player link. This accesses the internet via a wireless router, which I presume you already have. I realise that this is a fairly expensive product but I am not aware of an alternative which meets your needs, as I understand them, apart from accessing the web via a PC/laptop/tablet and using it your TV as a monitor.

I should add that I have no connection with Sony and offer the foregoing based on my somewhat limited knowledge the latest technology.

  jendempsey22 18:08 26 Nov 2012

Thanks for the feedback - I think we'll have to get something like this in the meantime...or just break down and get a better TV sooner than later.

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