Getting internet into my extension - separate circuits

  Bumble1000 08:20 30 May 2013

Hi - I have a wireless router with plug boosters in our house (which has v thick walls) which gives us good coverage in the main bit of the house but fails to reach to the extension where I want to set up my office. I am not sure that the plug ins will work as the extension is on a separate circuit and the roofs do not interlock easily (rooms with feature open a frame beams) in the way. I think this leaves me with the option of running an external protected cable under the eaves of the house to the other end (having exited and entried through the wooden window frames to avoid drilling (or trying to) through thick stone walls. Then do I need a router at the other end to get the wireless throughout the extension? Any suggestions of my summary and what kit I need?

  bumpkin 10:30 30 May 2013

Trying to link to a previous posting but may not work. Posting was Feb 24 2013 9.41pm. Wireless relays, can someone clarify please.

  bumpkin 10:31 30 May 2013

Didn't work, can anyone else link it. Lots of info there.

  retep888™ 14:58 30 May 2013

<<I think this leaves me with the option of running an external protected cable under the eaves of the house to the other end>>

Provided you can & don't mind running an ethernet cable into the extension then get this wireless access point click here or this wireless access point with switch ports click here should you want to run ethernet as well as wireless devices.

Just plug one ethernet cable end to one of the router LAN ports & the other to the wireless access point's WAN port.You have to configure/setup the access point on the PC first with an ethernet cable beforehand though.

  wiz-king 15:40 30 May 2013

Homeplugs may do what you require provided you dont use 'flex' cable. If your mains in the extenstion is hard wired it should still work, its the coil in the meter that blocks the signal. Try it with one of your boosters moved to the 'office' and see what happens.

  Zak 18:08 30 May 2013

bumpkin's post: "Didn't work, can anyone else link it. Lots of info there."

Hopefully this is the link to bumpkin's previous thread, which he has requested:

Wireless relays, can someone clarify please

  john bunyan 18:13 30 May 2013


Hope Bumble 1000 does not mind a supplementary question. I want to link a router to a smart TV with homeplugs, but both would be via flexible extension multi sockets. Is this a no no?

  lotvic 18:46 30 May 2013

wiz-king, My pc (the one I'm on now) has this set up:

Router in Lounge to Homeplug in lounge on Ring Main.

Homeplug near pc in another room in flexible Ext socket plugged into a radial mains plug (separate fuse in Fuse box)

I have found I only get a reliable homeplug connection if I put homeplug into the flexible ext socket that is nearest to the cable that goes to the 3 pin socket on wall.

I think only way to know is to try it and see.

  bumpkin 22:53 30 May 2013

Bumble, how much would it cost and how much time to do it using a cable would be the things I would weigh up and then compare it with the wireless option. Cable is relatively cheap and if you have the time I would go down that route. Having been in a similar situation and tried the plug in devices which did not work I decided to use a cable but never bothered in the end as it was too much trouble. If you really need it use a cable is my advice.

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