Getting a Hard drive to 'Mounted' State

  SparkyJack 10:20 06 Aug 2011

I have a 204 Gb hard drive that I am trung to load with Linux 10.10 from DVD.

I have carried this out so far several times recently for my self and then other folk.

This particular drive is being a bit tricky. The normal routine is to load the formatted drive from the 'Boot from CD ' command.

This one however fails with the report drive not mounted.

When now running the computer as normal[Ubuntu 10.10] and looking at the drive through 'Disk utility' it shows a disk 204 Gb.

Clicking on Mount. then reverting to boot from CD and attempting to load- I still get the Not mounted comment with no such device from the DVD.

So I guess this is a format[FAT]/mount issue - format/mount or mount/format. which?

I also found that looking at disk properties- it had set its self up with a 9Gb partition and shows the remainder as 186GB- thus approx 17Gb appears to be 'missing'{i nhad not set any partition]

Any thoughts please

  T I M B O 14:04 12 Aug 2011

Sounds like this drive has been around a bit. Maybe a good idea to start a fresh with that hard drive. Put that HDD into the PC you wish to use it in and make dead sure you have no other HDD's attached. Get yourself a blank cd and download the ISO of D-Ban

And then burn with software like cd-burner xp and then boot to that cd and type in "autonuke" or "quick" and walk away till its completed.

I dont use Ubunto, but i would imagine that when you install Ubunto it will also format the drive as required.

  SparkyJack 16:01 12 Aug 2011

Thanks TIMBO - will give that a try too - may as well it all for fun[Ahem]'s

A later post suggests that the drive needs a driver- tried that ans the system said [ Non System disk to the floppy ,

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