Getting Gaming PC!

  mr-greenkey 19:38 10 Jan 2012

Ok, I posted this in absolute beginners because this is the very start of my PC story I suppose. Anyway my question is, where should I buy a good/reliable gaming PC from?

  KRONOS the First 09:15 11 Jan 2012

It would help to have an idea of your budget,please remember a pre-built gaming PC is not necessarily cheap.

  mr-greenkey 20:21 11 Jan 2012

I know it's not a cheap thing to buy which is unfortunate :(

My budget is £830.

Needs to be at least i5 and 8GB RAM if that helps at all.

  [email protected] 02:31 12 Jan 2012

Would building your own be out of the equation? For gaming systems in particular, you can save quite a lot of money that way.

Do you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc from that budget too or just a tower?

  ICF 07:34 12 Jan 2012
  ICF 07:40 12 Jan 2012

Forgot to say. No speakers or monitor with the above PC

  mr-greenkey 16:24 12 Jan 2012

I do need: Tower Keyboard Mouse

I don't need: Monitor Speakers

When I add windows 7 Home to that computer that's linked it goes up to £919 so I can't buy that :(

  ICF 07:20 13 Jan 2012

How about This one then

  ICF 07:24 13 Jan 2012

Have a look Here this give you an idea of the kind of hardware you should be looking for in a PC.

  ICF 07:27 13 Jan 2012
  [email protected] 19:30 13 Jan 2012

If you have a student living in your house then you can buy Windows for less than £40 here

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