Getting the DVD Player to work!

  keats 09:06 26 Apr 2003

I am a complete novice!

My computer has a DVD player installed - it is
a Hitachi - but it will not go! Under programs/entertainment the cd player is shown but not the dvd.
According to the help menu the dvd player should be shown in the above menu.
What do I need to start the dvd going or how?
Thank you very much,

  slimbo51 09:53 26 Apr 2003

If ur dvd unit is an Hitachi GD-7500, plus I am lead to belive one or two other models, bought as a non retail pack (Bare Drive) such as from a computer show or the like, their is NO firmware installed.

I bought mine as a bare drive and had to find the firmware on the net.

Once it was installed (use the latest version) it has worked great ever since.

I was informed where I bought the drive of this prob, hence the price I paid.

Best way to find the program is just type into a search engine "Hitachi GD-7500 Firmware" (without the quotes).

Took me about 10 min to find the latest version.

Good Luck.

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