Getting digicamcorder images to editor.

  jack 16:50 13 Dec 2004

I have been asked to help out on the following problem.
I will be visiting the guy tomorrow.
I don't know about Digicamcorders or the editing software or indeed how images are put into a PC.
So I am going MT handed so to speak.

his problem he says, is that although he has several Movie editing packages[ I dont yet know which] and although he can play the movies from the c/corder to PC, he has not discovered how to get them to display in the editing softwares Screen to do the business.
That is it so far as I know
So what am I likely to find?
His system is 2000 pro

  TomJerry 17:18 13 Dec 2004

and then he can edit files captured

  josie mayhem 17:19 13 Dec 2004

Check that he has enough memory, at least 512mb's, and some editors require more. Also his hard drive should have as much space as possiable. A miniute of vedio can take several GBs of space.

Most digicams use firewire to transfer data. I assume that he has this because of the ability to watch footage on his pc.

When you open up the eidtor, somewhere should be a buttom that says capture (the help files should help you find this) he might have to set some setting to enable to capture from firewire. If you connect the camera up first and switch on, this will enable the editor to pick up the camera.

If the editor crashes, or seems not to find the camera, it might be because of the first part, not enough memory and/or hard drive space.

Hope this helps, or leads you into the right direction.

  jack 20:24 13 Dec 2004

Thsank you both I have printed this nad will take it with me tomorrow
Will leave this string open until after then

  john-232317 21:51 13 Dec 2004

this link will tell you requirements for capturing, authoring and burning.

click here

Like tomjerry says you need to capture the video.In the options you will be able to edit as you want etc, and burn to DVD.

You can capture with USB but firewire is better.

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