Getting Data off a hard drive

  Old Geeza 13:54 21 Oct 2008

A friend in Spain has a problem with a hard drive, There is data on the drive but his mobo is kaput, Dell have said that they will replace his pc but he wants to access the data on the drive. He has tried to put it in another pc, both as master and slave but windows will not recoginise it. His profile is password protected, he knows the password but the pc still wont recognise his profile, yet it recognised two other profiles on the hard drive and he has saved the info from them. any ideas how he can get his data?


  Ex plorer 14:16 21 Oct 2008

To access the HD it will have to be a PC with the same MOBO etc, as far as I know you cant swap HDs from one PC to another as they will not work. I will stand to be corrected on this.

  Old Geeza 14:21 21 Oct 2008

Thats what I understand to be the problem, just wondered if anyone knew a way of doing it other than that

  MAJ 14:23 21 Oct 2008

That's only [partially] true if you try to boot from the old drive, otherwise there's no problem doing that so long as the hard drive isn't kaput.

Old Geeza:

Try taking owership of the files, while the old drive is attached as Slave in your PC. click here

  Pineman100 14:26 21 Oct 2008

I thought you could swap a hard drive into another computer, so long as the jumper is set to slave, in order to recover data from it (obviously not to boot from it).

But, like Ex plorer, I may be wrong.

What version of Windows does the temporary host computer run? And is the hard drive formatted FAT32 or NTFS?

  Ex plorer 14:29 21 Oct 2008

Just a thought
Ok if the original drive was left in the computer at Master, and then added the drive of youre friends as a second drive, and set it as slave windows may then reconise it during boot, or did he try it that way.

  Old Geeza 14:33 21 Oct 2008

Yeh, thats how he managed to get the other users data, but it will not recognise the windows part of the drive

  Ex plorer 14:48 21 Oct 2008

Getting Data off a hard drive, Dose he want to copy it or delete it.

  Old Geeza 14:51 21 Oct 2008

he wants to copy it, Dell(spain) have said that they will replace his pc, but it is like manana time, he would like to just get up and running until they replace his dell pc

  MAJ 14:53 21 Oct 2008

Have you tried my suggestion?

  Old Geeza 15:06 21 Oct 2008

MAJ, I have emailed him the link you provided but I am waiting to hear from him...thanks

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