Getting cover off

  sillyquestion 22:16 10 May 2006

this is the dumbest question in the world i know but how do you get the cover over the printer socket in the laptop off? becuse i want to plug my printer in but it wont come off!

  pj123 22:22 10 May 2006

OK so tell us what laptop you have?

Most printers these day are now connected via the USB ports which normally don't have covers.

If it is a very old (parallel) printer you may not have any connections on your laptop for it.

  terryf 22:24 10 May 2006

Also tell us what printer you are trying to connect

  sillyquestion 22:24 10 May 2006

my laptop's a n advent 7086. and my printer is a parallel one. my laptop has a space that looks like a printer slot and theres a little picture of a printer next to it but the socket is blocked off

  sillyquestion 22:25 10 May 2006

my printer is a hp deskjet 600

  terryf 22:34 10 May 2006

If you go to MY Computer right click>properties>hardware tab>device manager and look to see if you have an lpt port(against ports Com and Lpt). Doesn't necessarily means that there is a parallel port just facility on mobo which may not be physiclly connected. Does your manual say anything, have you looked up the specs for the laptop on the manufacturer site?

  terryf 22:35 10 May 2006

do a google for 'parallel to usb converter', lots of hits

  terryf 22:35 10 May 2006

do a google for 'parallel to usb converter', lots of hits

  sillyquestion 22:41 10 May 2006

The manual didnt say much, and the website didnt say anything about printers.

  pj123 22:59 10 May 2006

I don't think the Advent 7086 supports parallel printers anymore. So you have two options.

Buy a computer that supports parallel or buy a printer that is USB.

  wolfie3000 00:56 11 May 2006

your printer has a usb connection on it next to the parralel port.

click here

As seen here so just buy the usb cable from a pc shop and bingo problem solved.

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