Getting Completely Rid of an ISP

  Goldcroft 07:39 17 May 2003

I was for a period on Virgin, then Tiscali, but am no longer with either. I have been through my system, right down to using Regcleaner and expunged every file mentioning Virgin or Tiscali. But when I have to put my email address into some website or forum, my machine still offers the Virgin and Tiscali options as well as Firenet, which I am on now. Please, how can I get rid of this situation as I have bad memories of both those former ISPs and there they are ... still haunting me.

PS: Firenet is brilliant and you can always get through first time to a helpful and knowledgeable human on their help desk.

  Goldcroft 10:22 17 May 2003


  LastChip 10:24 17 May 2003

Have you cleaned out your Cookies?

What operating system are you using?

  Belatucadrus 10:26 17 May 2003

Open Internet Explorer, Click on "Tools" then "Internet Options", select the "content" tab on the resulting window and click on "Auto complete", this gives a new window with the option to clear forms and passwords, I think e-mail addresses come under forms, but be warned it isn't selective and will junk all your auto complete entries including Firenet. So you'll have to start filling form entries in manually until the archive builds up again.

  Goldcroft 12:17 17 May 2003

I am on XP Home, IE6 and Outlook Express. Did a search for cookies. Have about 60!

  Goldcroft 12:24 17 May 2003

Have followed your advice. Thanks. Once I have put in my Firenet address once is it then stored for auto completing on further visits web wide - or only on the site I have done it on?

One puzzling aspect is that when I put tiscali into the search facility it comes up with a lot of files, 90 percent of which don't have tiscali in the file name. Also there are named tiscali files which I cannot delete. It tells me to check if the disc is full (which is definitely isn't) or that it is in use, which it is not.

No doubt I will find the same with virgin if I try it.

  Goldcroft 13:57 17 May 2003

Have completely emptied the cookies folder. When I tried to log in to this forum though still got my old tiscali email address as well as firenet suggested.

  The Spires 14:08 17 May 2003

Click on start, then Run, type regedit, then Ctrl+F, type the email(s) that you want rid of in the box. Carefully delete any referances that appear, then F3 to find the next reference.

  The Spires 14:11 17 May 2003

An alternative is Registry Crawler click here a great program, just type the offending email in the search box. Free trial for 30 days.

  Goldcroft 15:04 17 May 2003

Followed your first suggestion and found several tiscali and one virgin items. Deleted all. But when I logged onto this site again still got my old tiscali address offered up as well as firenet. Just where is it lurking? Will try the Registry Crawler programme later this afternoon. Thanks.

  keith-236785 15:13 17 May 2003

do you still have your tiscali & Virgin accounts set up in Outlook Express, open OE click tools/accounts/mail and see if the accounts are still there, if they are then remove them. sorry if you have already tried this but reading the other replies it was all i could think of. also do you still have these accounts in your Dial Up connection, if so delete them. hope this helps

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