getting a cd-r to autostart

  gordon.t 11:55 26 Apr 2003

What do I need to add to a cd-r to make it auto start at a particular file on the cd?


  AndySD 12:19 26 Apr 2003

It depends on the extension of the

.exe of .htm etc

can you tell us which.

  gordon.t 12:34 26 Apr 2003

Hi Andy

The file extension is .htm


  MAJ 12:36 26 Apr 2003

As AndySD says, gordon.t it normally depends on the file extension, but if you're using XP, it doesn't matter, so long as the other PCs it's going to be played on also use XP. There are also other little programs that let you run a CD automatically, no matter what extension the file has, on any other Windows operating system. The file you will create is called an Autorun.inf file. But Yes, more info is needed.

  Taran 12:37 26 Apr 2003

To get you started, try the following two links;

click here

click here

As AndySD says though, the methods can be a little different, depending on what it is you want to run from the CD.

  MAJ 12:45 26 Apr 2003

If you're using XP, create a file in "Notepad" save it as Autorun.inf and burn it to your CD first, along with your .htm file. Autorun.inf will look like this in Notepad.



That should autorun your .htm file in your default browser, gordon.t.

  AndySD 12:51 26 Apr 2003

I must admit I liked this link click here

  Taran 12:54 26 Apr 2003

Good isn't it ?

And free too...


  gordon.t 08:46 27 Apr 2003

Thanks v much to you all. I've downloaded the .exe file from whirlywiryweb and it looks as if it will do exactly what I want.

Thanks again

  gordon.t 13:12 27 Apr 2003

Yes - it works. Easy when you know how!

thanks to you all

  IZZY 16:42 29 Apr 2003


Thank You, Taran


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