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Getting Caution warning re my laptop HD?

  bob dob 23:08 24 Apr 2017

Hi all. My Medion Akoya laptop seems to be shutting down every now and again for no reason (well, it is under load of lots of tabs open), I download and ran CrustalDisk and it issuing 'caution' and the tab that is highlighted is 'C5 current pending sector count: Current: 200 Worst: 199'. I have Googled this but can't determine whether this is bad news or am I being a bit OTT? Having said that, the laptop must be 5 years old now so what advice would you guys give - replace HD or replace laptop? Thanks all.

  bob dob 19:00 01 May 2017

Hi. Thank you for that. I'm afraid I'm on Vista. However, I have just downloaded this, which should tell all.... click here

  bob dob 19:38 01 May 2017

Having a few issues installing that but, being as I'm trying to free up my HD, I want to delete a big 78gb folder so I thought I'd make a system restore point, as I did a few weeks ago.....but was quite shocked to see this: click here definitely, definitely did successfully create a restore point so don't know what happened? It now says that I have successfully made on but who knows... Is this something that I should be concerned about?


  bob dob 19:41 01 May 2017

Just got this: click here

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