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Getting Caution warning re my laptop HD?

  bob dob 23:08 24 Apr 2017

Hi all. My Medion Akoya laptop seems to be shutting down every now and again for no reason (well, it is under load of lots of tabs open), I download and ran CrustalDisk and it issuing 'caution' and the tab that is highlighted is 'C5 current pending sector count: Current: 200 Worst: 199'. I have Googled this but can't determine whether this is bad news or am I being a bit OTT? Having said that, the laptop must be 5 years old now so what advice would you guys give - replace HD or replace laptop? Thanks all.

  wee eddie 01:00 25 Apr 2017

Backup ~ Backup ~ Backup ~ Then relax.

It could be caused by overheating. Get a "Blowy" thing and a paint brush, then shift as much stour from the insides as you can.

Then find out what brand of Hard Drive is installed > Go to the manufacturers Website > Download and run their own brand Error Checking Software

  mole44 05:08 25 Apr 2017

Go get a western digital drive attach it to your system download western digital copy free of Acronis and clone your drive,you have to have a western digital drive on your system to make wd acronis work,i have two clones and importantly i store both of them away from the house in case of fire or some such tragedy happening.

  bob dob 08:05 25 Apr 2017

Great advice, thank you for that. 3 questions - 1. I take it you say Western Digital because all Medions have WD, I take it? 2. I will at least try my own version of Acronis and back up today to my External HD, however, do you know if being able to pause it every now and again is an option as I also have a battery that slowly loses it's charge throughout the day and I have to keep putting it to sleep to recharge (I had ordered a replacement battery but it doesn't work at all so will have to get a new one) 3. My current HD is 300gb, do you guys mean get a WD external HD or a replacement internal one and, if you mean a replacement internal one, would it be possible to clone mine to a larger HD, such as 500gb or maybe 1TB?

  Archonar 09:03 25 Apr 2017

As for question 3 - A new internal drive would be easier, since as far as I am aware with Acronis you will need to have the new drive inside the laptop for it to work and have the old drive connected to the laptop via a usb caddy. I'm not sure whether this also applies for the Western Digital version (someone who uses it might be able to shed some more light), but I recommend you read this thoroughly before you go ahead: click here.

You can upgrade to a larger hard drive no problem, or even upgrade to a solid state drive.

1]: [click here

  Secret-Squirrel 09:19 25 Apr 2017

.............but can't determine whether this is bad news....

Sadly Bob, it is.

If you'd like me to determine how bad then post a screenshot of the CrystalDisk info. If you're not able to do that then let me know the "Raw Values" for all the entries that contain the word "sector" (including "current pending sector count").

By the way, problems with hard drive sectors are not caused by temperature nor "stour" so don't risk making things worse by opening up your laptop. When you get your hard drive problem sorted then I can recommend a software temperature-monitoring tool, and if it shows your laptop's running too hot then you can use a can of compressed air to clear debris from the cooling elements. No disassembly is required.

  wee eddie 09:49 25 Apr 2017

When doing your first backup.

Do not attempt to do it on battery power. Connect your Lappy to the mains, as most External Drives take their power from their host and will drain the battery even faster. Your first Backup has to be run as a continuous process. Any breaks will invalidate the Backup

  bob dob 11:10 25 Apr 2017

Hi and thank you so much for all that. I will make sure that my laptop is fully charged and plugged in before starting. Thank for the offer to tell me the 'bad' news: click here

  Secret-Squirrel 12:53 25 Apr 2017

Thank for the offer to tell me the 'bad' news: click here

It's not as bad as it could be but it's definitely cause for concern. Your drive currently has 26 unstable sectors that are irreparable. That's actually quite a lot so the best advice is to replace the hard drive because it's possible that it will fail catastrophically sometime soon.

I see that CrystalDisk is also showing a warning for the HDD temperature although I don't believe that 32C is too warm. Anyhow, if you want to check the internal temperatures then download and run the "ZIP - ENGLISH" version of HWMonitor (purple button top-left) then post a screenshot of the temperatures when your laptop has been in use for some time. The ZIP version doesn't need installing.

  bob dob 17:43 26 Apr 2017

Hello. Thank you for that, here is the info: click here the failing HD, I now have a 240GB SSD. However, regarding the advice above of 'with Acronis you will need to have the new drive inside the laptop for it to work and have the old drive connected to the laptop via a usb caddy', I thought it was a case of cloning the HD as an image to my external HD, putting the SSD in, and then putting the image on to the SSD?


  mole44 18:15 26 Apr 2017

Perhaps i can clarify for for the free Acronis to work somewhere on your system you need a western Digital drive,then you can copy to any other drive (Make) of your choice i.e. from my tower i have a second WD drive as a spare drive then clone alternately to a WD drive then an Hitachi (Belt and braces) via bare drives plugged into this sort of thing click here

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