Getting around no "Save As" Option (Web)

  Ben Avery 18:12 08 Jun 2003


I have a website which has some RAM files (RealOne Video Files) embedded into the page which I want to save onto my HDD. For website link click here

The website has protected the links so that people cannot disseminate the files in such a way that the organisation involved cannot be the result of misinterpretation etc. A reasonable and sensible idea. However, the video file itself is wanted by one of the members of the organisation to show to put on a public information computer in one of their halls for the whole group to view (as not ALL people have web-enabled computers).

I personally built the PC which we want to put in on and know that it is not & will not ever be web-enabled so I wish to save the files as RAM files and put them on there for public viewing.

As I have said, this is public information and so I am not trying to do anything dodgy or dishonest, just want important public information to be available to all.

Do you know how I can extract this information?



  jazzypop 18:45 08 Jun 2003

Jet Audio is a free media player that can play Real files. It also has a 'record' option to capture streaming content. That may work for you.

Otherwise, will they not email the file to you?

  wee eddie 21:43 08 Jun 2003

looking in your Temporary Internet Files and dragging a copy onto the desktop. This works for some, but not all, formats that do not allow you to use the Save option.

  jazzypop 22:00 08 Jun 2003

Just a thought ... the information that you are intending to show may well be 'public information', but it may also have a copyright restriction with regard to being shown or broadcast in public.

  Ben Avery 22:19 08 Jun 2003

Thanks for the help - I'll look into the other player option.

FYI I'm a part of the organisation myself and know that the purposes intended for use will be ok. If the PC at the hall was web-enabled then anyone would be able to view it (check out the site for yourself by all means) but as it isn't internet capable, those without PC's will miss out on update info they may well be interested in.

I don't think that it would be wrong to put it on their if possible to do.


They don't allow email communications as I'm sure you can appreciate the amount of junk they would end up sifting through! (Again see what the site's about for yourself and you'll see what I mean) so unfortunately this is not an option.


Thanks chap but it doesn't appear to end up in my TIF folder as I thought it may do this also. No sign of it in Temp either!

I'm puzzled as it must "download" somewhere at least while the page is online...wouldn't it???


  Ben Avery 22:22 08 Jun 2003

Just as a side point, how would I be able to view the video file IN Jet Audio as the options on the screen only allow for RealOne player?


  jazzypop 23:15 08 Jun 2003

The basic approach is to setup the 'record' function in Jet Audio for the required length of time, then right-click the source and choose 'open with ... > Jet Audio'.

Works fine for streaming radio tracks, except I just choose to Open the stream, as I do not have Real anything on my PCs.

Jet Audio can play any sort of Ram file, as far as I know, be it audio, video, etc.

  Ben Avery 00:30 09 Jun 2003

I don't wanna sound cheeky (I just know that you're a thoroughly decent chap and all that) ;o) but if you get a chance, could you see if you have any success with the clip in question and if so explain to me how you did it please?


  Ben Avery 13:35 09 Jun 2003

I've managed to get it to play in the Jet Audio player but when you hit the record button it only records audio, not the video.

Am I missing something here mate?!


  jazzypop 20:38 09 Jun 2003

Sorry, I can't reproduce it at all. When I go to any of the video pages, the placeholder for the video is blank. There is no option in the right-click menu to play or save target, etc.

As I can't start the stream at all, I can't try to capture it - sorry :(

Have you seen this info - maybe worth a fax, asking for an emailed copy?

"Media professionals are invited to contact:

J. R. Brown

Office of Public Information

25 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, New York 11201-2483

Telephone: (718) 560-5600

FAX: (718) 560-5619"

Or see click here

I would recommend that you spend a little more time fiddling with the settings - Jet Audio can definitely play Real videos as well as audio, I use it to view the BBC content quite regularly.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  Ben Avery 13:54 10 Jun 2003

thanks for your help chap.

I found out how to view the video in JetAudio, if you paste this link rtsp://click here into jetAudio it will play the video file. but the capture (recording) option only records the audio (as a .wav file - which is variable but only changable to other audio files)

It seems that jetAudio can only play video files, not capture them.

I may be wrong, but I can't do it!


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