getting all sounds except CD

  Epirb406 22:30 18 Sep 2003

Hi all, been a while, I must have been doing something right!

Have been having fun reinstalling sound card drivers and discovering that is not as simple as it sounds.

Now have all back up and running but getting no cd audio. Media player indicate CD is playing but no sound getting to speakers, what am I missing? Can Play wavs, rm's MP3 etc etc but not cda.

Have got two cd drives so don't think it is loose wire,

Card is Xwave 7000, drivers are latest from c-media, no inteference from windows update on win me.

Any ideas? Thanx in advance, Epirb.

  Jimma 22:35 18 Sep 2003

Don't mean to 'sound' rude, but have you plugged in the audio cable from the audio out on back of cdrom to audio in on sound card? ;-)

  Epirb406 22:37 18 Sep 2003

No, not rude at all, but on this occasion yes, definitly, playback has worked perfectly in the past from both CDs.


  mark500 22:41 18 Sep 2003

1)Have you tried a different player.

2) Check all audio devices,software and sounds in control panel to ensure nothing is muted.

3)Check the wiring going from cd rom to soundcard. It just may have worked loose.

If you are playing other sounds OK are these on your HDD? If so they do not use the sound cable from the CD drive.

  Epirb406 22:49 18 Sep 2003

1. Yes, tried Windows media player and Jet audio

2 Checked control panel, nothing muted but then nothing specifically mentions CD.

3 No reason to suspect wiring as a) it was fine and b) I have two cd drives, unlikely they both worked loose at the same time...?

4, new development, doubleclicking on the audio cd in my computer produces the error message cannot find file program.exe etc etc, could this be related?

Thanks, Epirb.

  wildrover 22:58 18 Sep 2003

I don't mean to sound rude either, but this isn't a cd that can't play in a computer is it?

  Epirb406 23:00 18 Sep 2003

Nope, not this one, happily played before in a few pcs,

Cheers, Epirb.

  wildrover 23:12 18 Sep 2003

"Checked control panel, nothing muted but then nothing specifically mentions CD."

Again respect, but: What about sounds and devices, volume, advanced? Or whatever way your OS takes you to Volume Control (right click volume in the taskbar, open volume control) Should mention CD Player!!

  Epirb406 23:27 18 Sep 2003

This one is chasing me away to my bed.

I think(!!!!!!!!!!) it's a software prob, will be back tomorrow and give it a tick when I find the solution.

For now, thanks for the help and any more suggestions in my abscence greatfully received.

Cheers all, Epirb.

  Epirb406 18:39 19 Sep 2003

Reinstalled sound drivers (Again) and now establish that I can play CD Audio with Windows Media Player and my DVD app but not Jet Audio.

Thanks lots for all the suggestions and help as ever, Epirb.

PS, see new posts for new probs!

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