getting 7 plus errors in memtest

  IKNOWKUNGFU1970 23:40 24 Apr 2012

I built my machine 2 years ago for some gaming on-line. Have been enjoying my computer playing battlefield 3 since launch, when I have noticed over the last few weeks it had been starting to freeze after 10 minutes of play. Have been on to EA alot and done everything.... still freezes. I have no problem playing bioshock or other past games metro etc but this game keeps on freezing. Thats when I decided to run memtest last night and found errors, does this mean my memory is faulty? I bought crucial ballastic gaming memory because they said it was the best, now I might have to go and replace this after only 2 years. Also the fourms said flash the BIOS? would this work. specs are intel dual core duo 3.8gig, nivida gtx275, 4gig crucial pc6400 800,creative sound card gaming" and gigbyte g73 board.

If I find one of the modules is faulty can I use another brand of memory or do they have to be matched? your help would be appreciated.

tx c

ps the system is stable internet...other games... its just BF3 and the memtest results.

  johndrew 09:59 25 Apr 2012

MemTest is pretty good at showing failing/bad RAM modules. It can be a bit of a task identifying which is causing the problem though.

As to replacement, you should use matched pairs of modules - ie the same size and speed - but the manufacturer matters little although it is always best to use a good supplier such as Crucial or Kingston. You would also be wise to match the speed any new RAM to that existing in the PC as all RAM will operate at the speed of the slowest installed. However different sizes of RAM in different pairs (say, one pair of 1GB each and another of 2GB each) is fine.

Crucial provide a scanner on their site which will examine your system and advise what you can install.

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