gettiing on line ,anywhere from a laptop.

  spartan 09:21 25 Jan 2003

Could anyone tell me if there is a internet service provider that will allow access to the internet from any phone line . My current isp seems to need the connection to be made from my home no only.

  Lozzy 09:39 25 Jan 2003

I am currently in the states and I use which I can access from here as well as Europe Asia and OZ.. If you use a UK ISP like Freeserve, BT etc you would need to access it by inserting 44 dropping the 0 (zero) of the 0845 like any international call. Where as Earthlink which is in most countries has local free access numbers..

  graham 10:06 25 Jan 2003

Sorry, you cannot access lo-call 0845 or freecall 0800 from outside the UK.

spartan, there is a setting "calling from" in the dial up box but I don't think it matters. My phone is "number withheld" so my ISP won't know where I am calling from. If you were to use a line on a private system you would have to insert a 9 or whatever to get a line.

  Lozzy 10:20 25 Jan 2003

I beg to differ, I have used Freeserve abroad and NTL ISP's abroad but Earthlink is free access world wide.. So long as you get the correct number..

I know because I am currently using it.. As connecting to UK ISP's is an expensive call.. I have to say though in connecting from abroad it all depends on the foreign telephone companies links with either BT or NTL. For example you cannot connect to NTL from the states as AT&T is partnered with BT so a connection to NTL is prohibited..

  Forum Editor 10:41 25 Jan 2003

from anywhere in the world - including dialing on my mobile phone.

Most good hotels have Internet access available in the rooms however, and I find that I can ususally plug my laptop into the room phone and use a local ISP. Alternatively, you can get cards from many hotels that will allow you access to a local ISP for a specified period.

When travelling I normally use webmail - far easier/quicker. If you're travelling in the UK set up a Tiscali free account - this will allow you access to webmail from any phone, and in my experience it's normally very reliable.

  Lozzy 10:43 25 Jan 2003

Here Here FE.. Well said..

  graham 10:57 25 Jan 2003

But are you using 0845 ot 0800 to do this?

  Lozzy 11:19 25 Jan 2003

That was an example no one has said you can call 0845 to 0800 the ISP's dial up is 0845 then you would dial 44 845. Got it!!!

  Forum Editor 11:26 25 Jan 2003

Wiil you want to dial in from the UK, or from abroad? You don't say which.

  graham 12:30 25 Jan 2003

If your ISP is 0845, you cannot access 44 845, the phone system won't allow it.

  graham 12:43 25 Jan 2003

Since we do not know yet (are you there, Spartan?) whether it is UK or not, in the UK should be no problem.

If abroad, AOL works in most countries. Pick from a drop-down list, then insert the area code you are in, you will be given the local numbers.

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