RobCharles1981 15:46 22 Oct 2005

Im using get right download manager but its not working when I click on a download link it uses the IE download instead of Getright can anyone help

  RobCharles1981 15:51 22 Oct 2005

Anyone ?

  SANTOS7 16:01 22 Oct 2005

Turning GetRight Back On:
# Right click the GetRight tray icon.
# Pick the Tools, then Configuration items from the menu that appears.
# Switch to the "Monitor" tab (OR click the Next button to get to the "Web Browsers" page if you are using the wizard for setting up GetRight.)
# Check the boxes for Netscape and/or Internet Explorer to turn GetRight's monitoring back on.
# Click OK, (OR the Next button to get to the finish if you are using the wizard for setting up GetRight.)
click here
text taken from link,hope it helps..

  RobCharles1981 16:33 22 Oct 2005

tyyed it hasnt worked

  RobCharles1981 18:57 22 Oct 2005

I have permited it in my firewall what options do I need in getright im using the latest version of the programe

  Methedrine 19:05 22 Oct 2005

Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling?

  Stuartli 19:54 22 Oct 2005

I've used FreshDownload, which is advert etc free for many years and is equally at home with dialup or broadband downloads. Resumes downloads if it is, by any chance, ever necessary (providing the website supports the feature):

click here

  RobCharles1981 21:35 22 Oct 2005

Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling getright Ive been trying too update my graphics drivers from ATI but when I download I get a security Message download instead of the Getright Window

  RobCharles1981 22:41 22 Oct 2005

on the download link I right click and download with get right, then it says unauortised access so instead it comes up with "File Download - Security Warning" I never had this trouble before

  RobCharles1981 23:27 22 Oct 2005

Come on anyone got any answers please ?

  SANTOS7 23:38 22 Oct 2005

Sorry Rob_23_Wales just a recap, did it ever work properly and have you installed anything else prior to it going wrong, and a little patience my friend,
if there is nobody on this forum that is aufait with this product then we can only rely on what "we think" you should do and what you tell us you have done, very frustrating i know, you could try a dedicated forum click here
someone there may be able to shed more light on your problem..

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