Get your FREE 'Device Doctor' (Driver Finder)

  Graphicool1 14:55 03 Feb 2010

Hi all get your FREE 'Device Doctor' It scans your OS and checks what latest driver are available. Then you can download them and it's all for free!
click here

  MAJ 15:29 03 Feb 2010

Downloading and installing new drivers can sometimes cause more problems than it might solve. If you aren't having problems with your hardware and it's all working okay, then don't bother.

  provider 2 16:12 03 Feb 2010

I think MAJ has a point and I`m quite happy with the idea of "if it ain`t broke, then don`t fix it."

On the other hand, how about this: helpfully entitled "WhoCrashed?", it claims to make comprehensible those mysterious crashes that sometimes occur.

I haven`t tried it, though, so can`t comment on whether it`s any good or not.

  provider 2 16:12 03 Feb 2010
  Seth Haniel 16:23 03 Feb 2010
  Demora 08:29 04 Feb 2010

Thanks for the links. Really useful for a laptop that plays up.


  Graphicool1 10:12 04 Feb 2010

Thanx for the link I've downloaded 3 free programmes to give them a go:

'Who Crashed'
'Sanity Check'

  Graphicool1 10:18 04 Feb 2010

I concur MAJ, however it's always good to have an arsenal of fix it software to watch your back.

Also you have to try them out, else when or if you need them, how will you know if they are more likely to sink you than save you!?

  rdave13 10:44 04 Feb 2010

Be careful with Device Doctor. Not accurate at times. Removed it a while ago.

  Graphicool1 11:13 04 Feb 2010

When you say...
"Not accurate at times"

Can you be a little more explicite?

  birdface 11:24 04 Feb 2010

Not sure if it is the same one as Driver Doctor.
That had a bad habit of finding the same updates every time you used it so you had to keep a check as to what you already downloaded.
I suppose I rely on Microsoft for updates but I don't trust them at all and usually refuse the download if not sure.
I suppose it is getting something that you trust.
I used to use Driver Max[free] when I was using Xp but it started only letting you update one or two drivers a day.And it had a habit of using up all of the CPU in small bursts so removed that.

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