Get rid of Vista Home Premium!

  kimtrnc 11:10 23 Dec 2008

Sorry guys - read lots of previous requests, but can't find a solution. I am trying to remove Vista from a newbises laptop.
I started by booting from a (legal) Xp disk - it goes for a while and then says there is an error, and stops.
So then I made a new partition to install it on - same thing - stopped with error message. Tried to delete partition containing Vista - can't. Help, please?

  canarieslover 11:22 23 Dec 2008

There should be an option to format hard drive when installing XP from CD. Just be aware that if it's a new laptop then you may not be able to find motherboard drivers for XP and so cause yourself more problems. Why not stay with Vista?

  ventanas 11:38 23 Dec 2008

If this is a new machine you may well be asking for trouble. It's nearly two years since Vista was released and there is a good chance that XP drivers were never written for the machine you have, as canarieslover has said.
Also may I ask - why do you want remove Vista?
Surely not to install XP. If so, whatever for.

  MAJ 12:03 23 Dec 2008

As has been said, getting the correct drivers for your installed hardware will be the problem. If you can get those, go ahead. Vista is the new ME and MS know it, XP is supported until 2013, perhaps that is enough time for MS to bring out the 'new XP'. If you have all your XP drivers, let us know.

  Rob_08 12:17 23 Dec 2008

Good luck getting rid of Vista. But i fear that if the laptop is brand new i think you might well be stuck with it.

  kimtrnc 12:40 23 Dec 2008

Because I don't care for Vista, which wants me to confirm every single action I want to do, and because I have to teach an utter newbie how to use the machine. Why do I need XP drivers when I have a perfectly good copy of Windows XP, please? And why won't Vista let me reformat, anyway? My computing goes back to Vic 20 and onwards - I am generally considered to be quite helpful in solving other people's problems - but this is drivng me insane!!

  MAJ 12:45 23 Dec 2008

"Why do I need XP drivers when I have a perfectly good copy of Windows XP, please?"

I don't mean to be rude, but if you don't understand why you need XP drivers, then reformatting the drive is going to be the least of your problems.

  kimtrnc 13:43 23 Dec 2008

MAJ - No, you are trying to help me: I don't think you are rude - but.... I think I know what drivers are, unless something has changed while I wasn't looking. I already have XP drivers for all the peripherals my friend needs.
I have tried repeatedly to install xp on a separate partition, it starts well, and then gives me a STOP message, with the codes 0x0000007B, OxF 78D6636, Oxc000000000, Oxc000000000, if that helps the problem?

  PO79 13:52 23 Dec 2008

You may have drivers for the periphials, but do you have XP drivers for the motherboard. The stop error relates to sata controllers that need to be installed via the F6 prompt during installation. This is where you may encounter problems ie finding WinXP sata controllers and other XP drivers for your mobo.

  kimtrnc 14:02 23 Dec 2008

Oh dear - that puts a slightly different slant on things....
Do I guess a visit to ebay would be a possible answer?

  carver 14:11 23 Dec 2008

Here are a few of your problems,

click here

click here

That is your first error code, and as MAJ has said you might have problems with getting drivers for a new laptop.

As for those other codes, are you sure they are correct.

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