Get Metadata into Webpages

  BBez 16:43 15 Jan 2004

Anyone know if there is a function in Front Page (Office XP) that shall let me do this. Edited the html in notepad a few days ago with:

meta name="keywords" content="bbez">

meta name="description" content="bbez's site">

but doesn't show up in any search engines when i search for the string "bbez".

Also submitted the site to search engines through a facility available in my webhosting providers control panel but still no joy. The site which is fully static (and a pain to update) is just a testbed for my group project coming up in 2nd term of uni. Will be using Dreamweaver then when we get shown what it's all about.

Any solutions greatly appreciated...

  BBez 16:45 15 Jan 2004

<meta name="keywords" content="bbez">

<meta name="description" content="bbez's site">

  Jester2K 17:01 15 Jan 2004

Might take a few days to get into the search engines. Mine took a week or to appear in Google...

  BBez 23:24 16 Jan 2004

thanks for the info, i'll give it another few days, 'puters have been down all day due to upgrading

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