get data off hard drive onto another computor

  fluffierpage 20:40 06 Oct 2004

my 1998 dell dimension (6gb hard drive pentium 2 win 98)has a cracked motherboard so will not boot at all. i,ve done everything dell recommended but no joy. i have now bought a 2nd hand Gateway same size hard drive (6gb pentium 3 no software)what is the easiest way to get data off the dell drive onto the gateway. have games on it which do not matter but have all the business accounts on it. help me please.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:56 06 Oct 2004

Install the disk as a slave in the new machine and simply copy the data.

Check the jumper settings on it - set for slave and it should be recognised.

  fluffierpage 21:20 06 Oct 2004

Thanks, i thought it wasn't going to be too difficult, thanks for confirming it, you're a darling :)

  THE TERMINATOR 21:52 06 Oct 2004

Why dont you install your old drive as master drive in your new machine, then yuou wouldn't have to copy anything....TT

  Diodorus Siculus 07:38 07 Oct 2004

THE TERMINATOR - the main problem with that solution is that you _may_ end up with all sorts of driver conflicts - the OS will be set up for particular hardware which may be different.

Lots of people have done it that way, and it has worked but I don't see the point - you have a new machine and a new hdd so why not have a clean install of the OS?

  fluffierpage 18:15 09 Oct 2004

thanks THE TERMINATOR and Diodorus Siculus. i have had to delay collecting the gateway, but i will let you know how i get on. i maybe franticly posting late one night next week!!

  Dorsai 18:34 09 Oct 2004

I would go the 'add old drive as slave' way. You can get a brand new, to you, PC, with a clean install of the OS. Copy the files off your old disk. The erase it, and have extra space, all your old files, and in theory, none of the nasties that may nave been on the old disk.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:35 24 Oct 2004

The point is, there would be no need to re-install ALL the software programs and drivers. Windows WILL recognise the new mobo and ask for drivers anyway, take my word for it I have done this many times....T

  Rayuk 09:09 24 Oct 2004

How to change motherboard without reinstalling Windows
click here

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