Georce 4 MX440 Driver

  Tazfan 17:21 21 Jan 2003
  Tazfan 17:21 21 Jan 2003

I have done a search, but for some reason, I idnt meet with much success!

Im looking for the latest driver for the above. I have been to the Nvidia site, but the download page is not working for me. The driver I have at the mo is I believe there is a newer one.

I am hoping that a driver update will cure a *[email protected]: down problem I am having. At random times and activities, the PC just reboots without warning. At first I thought it was a temperature problem, but having done lots of work on ventilation and circulation (putting two exhaust blowers in the top of the case, new inlet fans on one side of the case, new bigger heat sync and fan for the CPU, 2 extra case fans, rounded IDE cables, and putting all other cables inside tubing, I am still getting the shutdowns. My case temp is no warner than 26.9, and the CPU temp doesnt wander much above 38.

XP, 640 RAM, 1.3 Athalon, 80 + 40 HD.

Any directions to new drivers, and/or other suggestions as to what maybe contributing to my reboots, will be appreciated.Thanks in advanc for your time and trouble, T:-)

  AndySD 17:25 21 Jan 2003
  AndySD 17:27 21 Jan 2003

Ooops wrong link click here

  AndySD 17:28 21 Jan 2003

Ooops wrong link click here

  Tazfan 17:39 21 Jan 2003

3rd time lucky eh? Gonna give it a try now. Cheers andy

  Tazfan 18:15 21 Jan 2003

The driver seems great Andy. Cheers for that. There are loads of new options now.

I will leave this open for now, just in case I still get the re boot problem.

Thanks again, T:-)

  Tazfan 23:43 21 Jan 2003

All SEEMS ok now, so Iill give this thread the green tick treatment. Thanks again Andy for your help


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