genuine or pirate how can I tell?

  castiel333 15:48 16 Jan 2005

Im sorry for what must be a really silly question but the only software Ive ever bought are games for my son and a security programme from pc world which was boxed.What I would really like to know is how do I tell if the software sold at my local market which comes in either paper or plastic sleeves is genuine or not.Although I like the prices I really dont want to buy pirates.They look genuine enough but I really dont know what to look for.

  bremner 15:54 16 Jan 2005

It's cheap.

It's in a plastic or paper sleeve.

It's being sold in a market.

Is it pirate?

  bremner 15:55 16 Jan 2005


  Diemmess 15:56 16 Jan 2005

My guess is........ If it is an oldish program and has the manual with it, it may well be genuine.

Most M$ stuff these days has a hologram as well as the printed key number on a packet.

With amateurish printing, and without the last two factors, I would assume piracy.

  castiel333 15:59 16 Jan 2005

Sorry I thought it might be a silly question but wanted to be sure.Thank you Bremner.

  castiel333 16:01 16 Jan 2005

Noted.Thank you too Diemmess.

  spuds 16:04 16 Jan 2005

You could have a word with your local trading standards,as they would have information available as to where you are likely to have the odd pirate software outlet.

If the market stallholder is a regular, then you may find that they will offer some form of guarantee as to their supplies.Most traders offering cheap software, usually obtain their supplies via obsolete, clearance or bankrupt stock. All legit, but perhaps a bit out of date. If the trader is selling named brand software, then you will most likely find some form of identification sticker displayed on the cover wrapper. Best thing to do, is stick with the source that you are sure nothing is questionable. Nothing like being offered a new, not yet released to the general public cd, and then finding a fault with it ;o)

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