Genuine COA cant register

  nobbyhigo 11:10 27 Jun 2015

my daughter has a sammy netbook with win7 the hard drive went tats It originally had xp home as registered with xp stickers and coa together on the back i put a different hard drive in and formatted and installed xp home The COA wont register and the one in the bios as well, any help please

  bumpkin 22:57 22 Jul 2015

I made my last posting before reading your latest Email which is why I suggest that we communicate here to avoid confusion.

  nobbyhigo 23:28 22 Jul 2015

Sorry for the delay i have installing another xp home download and nothing has changed it still will not activate even on key provided So thanks bumpkin for your help on this matter .i intend to call microsoft in the morning and try to resolve the matter . if they cant i will have to get a new os and coa Any other suggestions from members would be appreciated , thanks once again

  bumpkin 23:38 22 Jul 2015

I don't know which key you mean but let us know how you get on.

  nobbyhigo 00:12 23 Jul 2015

its the key provided by yourself

  nobbyhigo 13:27 23 Jul 2015

short shrift from microsoft "we cannot help you xp is not supported" so its a new os of xp

  nobbyhigo 13:27 23 Jul 2015

thanks for all your help

  bumpkin 14:05 23 Jul 2015

I am having trouble posting today for some reason, sent you a PM earlier.

  robin_x 21:40 23 Jul 2015

XP Retail and OEM License keys are different.

The iso needs to be an OEM copy so you can try the COA label key

click here

  nobbyhigo 08:47 27 Jul 2015

Sorted this weekend.Thanks to BUMPKIN a big help

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