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Genuine COA cant register

  nobbyhigo 11:10 27 Jun 2015

my daughter has a sammy netbook with win7 the hard drive went tats It originally had xp home as registered with xp stickers and coa together on the back i put a different hard drive in and formatted and installed xp home The COA wont register and the one in the bios as well, any help please

  onthelimit1 11:38 27 Jun 2015

Have you tried using the automated telephone service with Microsoft to activate?

  Jollyjohn 12:10 27 Jun 2015

I agree, try using the automated phone service, if you use a mobile you will get the option to have the activation code sent as a text message.

Windows XP has Internet Explorer 6 as default browser. This no longer allows connection to Microsoft for updates. Use a different PC and download IE8 and install, don't try any newer version.

You could try activation again at this point if you don't want to use the phone method.

Once internet connection established install Service pack 3 and then install Firefox and use Firefox as default browser. It is more secure than IE8 and some websites will not work with IE8 as it is too old.

  nobbyhigo 12:56 27 Jun 2015

To be honest i did that i downloaded and turned of the updates as soon as it booted
i will try the phone and if that doesnt work i will leave the updates off its only for browsing and i put avast ccleaner on it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 27 Jun 2015

If its for browsing you need to have all the latest security updates on it.

  Jollyjohn 13:20 27 Jun 2015

At risk of repeating myself - Windows XP has IE6 as default - IE6 will no longer connect to MS updates / activation etc. You need IE8. Download IE8, install it and I am sure activation will work.

If you are going to use this for browsing - use Firefox - many websites will not work with IE8, they look for IE10 or better. IE8 is the newest XP will support.

  nobbyhigo 16:44 27 Jun 2015

no problem with what you are saying i am using firefox as my browser i will do as you suggest and try ie 8

  Jollyjohn 17:41 27 Jun 2015

OK. My response is from recent experience, I spent half a day trying to sort it out, succesfully, in the end. The other responses are valid but do not get to the root of the issue.

Another top tip is to download service pack 3 and install it, then allow Automatic updates, you still get about 100 but it is quicker than allowing SP3 to be part of the updates.

  nobbyhigo 10:47 22 Jul 2015

no joy i installed ie8 and tried to activate on the phone and after following procedures it suggest it is not genuine i dont understand Could it be the copy of win xp that i used Because it sure has a sticker with xp on the back along with the key

  chub_tor 11:22 22 Jul 2015

You said in your original post that your daughter's netbook was running Win 7 but originally had XP so presumably it was upgraded with a valid Win7 COA. Why are you trying to activate it with XP? Can't you just install it, forget about activation of XP, re-install Win 7 and activate that?

  bumpkin 12:17 22 Jul 2015

As chub_tor, I would have thought that you should be using the Win7 key not the XP one as that is no longer valid if up graded to W7.

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