'generic volume is in use'-the same old external hdd ejection issue-programs to force eject?

  theDarkness 16:25 02 Jun 2013

This is a continuation of an earlier post. My external hdd is optimised for quick removal, but in windows xp, vista and 7, the device wont eject or remove safely. The 'cant stop your generic volume because a program is still using it' message. Its an issue that happens 30% of the time I use an external and attempt to eject. If I close all programs that could be potentially scanning the drive, I still cannot eject. In windows 7, if I remove the device by pulling the plug (after changing to 'quick removal'), I will hear the error beep to indicate that it should not have been removed because something may have been using the drive.

Normally, if it safely removes, in windows 7 I will hear a different sound to indicate success. Closing all likely software beforehand (eg antivirus which may attempt a background scan) does not help, windows taskmgr and the external drives hard drive light does not show major usage (everything is 0% aside from firefox and crcss.exe at 1%), so I feel it may be a windows bug that has simply never been fixed. I dont believe anything is truly accessing the drive, I have had this issue with more than one drive using different windows systems.

I can log out, then in again, and it still wont eject. I know switching off completely or switching to sleep mode before pulling the usb plug works, but Im after a quicker option.

I need a program that will list all usb devices, and what windows processes or programs are using each, and the possibility of stopping them. 'ProcessExplorer' shows all processes, but does not indicate exactly what may be using any device. Another forum mentioned 'Hotswap', but that will not stop anything accessing any drive, and its homepage recommends to always safely eject in case of corruption. Can anyone recommend any programs to try? Unlocker usually does not work.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:44 02 Jun 2013

I cannot remember the last time I used the Safely Remove Hardware Icon to unplug a USB drive. If I know I that I am not writing to the drive then I just unplug it and I cannot remember the last time I had a problem with this method.

But I wonder if it is System Restore that is accessing your external drive. Again I do not use this and have it switched off so not a problem for me.

  theDarkness 17:01 02 Jun 2013

windows 7 'eject' is safe removal, aside from just pulling the plug. without quick removal and proper spin down of the drive, my drives probably wouldnt last very long. Its not something want to do (just pull the plug) if I constantly get error noises and if anything in windows is starting an unwanted external scan.. very annoying :)

I should have searched for one before, but found a program that will simply replace windows own safe removal. 'USB safely remove'. It must have taken them a while to work out the name.

click here!!!

The above image is showing me exactly why I cannot eject, but.. the info not much use to me. I can force a shutdown through this program, but I would really like to find out what its showing me, and why. Thanks if anyone has any ideas.

  lotvic 17:27 02 Jun 2013

I found some clues, transactional ntfs filesystem and also www.forensicswiki.org/wiki might help with what it is about.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:41 02 Jun 2013

Something here.

  theDarkness 17:43 02 Jun 2013

thanks, I found that first one too, so it would seem to be a windows issue after all. I still cant eject, 2 hours later. No fix aside from a 'forced stop' within safely remove, or simply switching off-so the removal program cannot really solve the issue. Pulling the plug is likely no safer than a forced stop. I wonder if windows 8 users are having the same issue. I havent found anything yet.

  rdave13 17:44 02 Jun 2013

Wonder if 7 is indexing it. By default it shouldn't but that will take time before you can remove the drive. Opposite to this. Just a thought.

  theDarkness 18:03 02 Jun 2013

I thought that too at first, but indexing is off for this external drive. It would seem windows has an issue understanding what ntfs drives are able to be ejected or not, when it comes right down to it. Some forums are putting the issue down to vista and 7s new file system, but I am certain I had the same eject issue in xp. chronos links had a couple of possible solutions (eg disabling the drive in device manager), but along with attempting to change to write caching and back to see if that made a difference, 7 requires a restart in order to work in each case, which defeats the purpose. thanks :)

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