Generic paper kit for Canon CP-330 printer

  User-AD3653D0-1723-462E-B832A2AB8950B2A6 09:05 08 Jul 2004

I bought myself the very sexy Canon Ixus 500 digital camera at the weekend, together with a Canon CP-330 printer.

Once I've filed my fingers down to the size that fits the camera's buttons, I'm sure I'll be more than happy :) In fact, I'm already delighted with the quality of the images the camera produces. I already have the EOS 10D SLR with ordinary film EOS camera bodies and lenses, but I was after something I could kepe with me and that would easily fit into a pocket.

The printer makes quite superb pictures.

In fact, the whole lot exudes sexiness and quality. The build and engineering are simply superb.

However, I feel that I'll be bankrupted if I continue to use the Canon KP-361P 6"x4" paper kits.

Does anyone know if there are any generic paper kits that fit this printer out there?

I've tried doing a Google search but I'm hopeless with it. Thousands of totally irrelevant sites get listed.

  Cook2 11:23 08 Jul 2004

Try using A4 Ilford Glossy paper, two pictures per page and cut them out with scissors, or a guillotine, as each page appears from your printer.

  stlucia 12:44 08 Jul 2004

Try a place like click here

Perhaps I wasn't clear in my query.

I know how to use my inkjet printer to print photos and have bought some paper in Tesco - very cheap right now.

What I'm after is paper and 'print head' for the CP-330 printer. It's a dye sublimation device and each pack of paper comes with the relevant amount of film to make the photos. The trouble is that it's branded by Canon (not a problem in so far as quality is concerned) and I'm sure I'm paying quite apremium for the privilege os using the Canon own-brand product.

  €dstowe 14:51 08 Jul 2004

I believe the dye sublimation process used in these printers is patented by Canon. Even if the process isn't, the mechanical device is.

It will be a while before a generic version is available. Firstly the patent must be allowed to run its course (20 years) and then, to be a viable proposition for generic manufacture, the market has to be big enough to justify the expenditure in setting up a plant to manufacture any item. This Canon device would most likely have to be a lot more popular than it is at present before many manufacturers would even look at it.

  jack 15:00 08 Jul 2004

It is possible that dye sub 'engines' are common
and are branded for each seller but dont bank on it.
The most common brand is Fuji
so take a peek at a pack and try to fathom the diffs before you sport the beer tokens.

  €dstowe 15:03 08 Jul 2004

Elaborating on jack's comment, the items are still branded and thus likely to be costly.

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