Generic Host Process. Driving me mad

  Skeletor 00:03 25 Feb 2005

Hi all,

Had this problem for three or four weeks now, since reinstalling Win XP SP2.

Whenever I connect to the net I get a little window appear every few minutes which says "An application named Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (file name svchost.exe) has been blocked from accessing the network." I tick the box "Do not show this window again", but sure enough, minutes later, up it pops again. At first I thought maybe it was my firewall (Sygate) but it's not blocked in there.

I've done a few Google searches on the subject, but everyone seems as confused about this "Generic Host Process" as I am.

Basically I just want the window to stop popping up.

Any help appreciated.

P.S It's appeared three times while writing this thread.

  kyprosman 00:12 25 Feb 2005

It's part of windows and is needed to access the net. It is in my allowed list in NIS 2005.

  SANTOS7 00:19 25 Feb 2005

click here
if you follow the thread it may help to solve your prob,good luck......

  Skeletor 00:21 25 Feb 2005

Thanks kyprosman,

The problem is that I haven't blocked it, but a window appears evry couple of minutes to tell me that it is blocked. I would like to know what is blocking it and then unblock it.


  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 00:25 25 Feb 2005

i think you will find its some sort of bug in the firewall, try unin & re installling your firewall or if that doesnt work go to there website, i have been reading about the same thing happening in zonealarm!!!!

  Skeletor 00:35 25 Feb 2005


I've already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, still the same problem, but I'll take a look at their site.


  Skeletor 00:47 25 Feb 2005

Thanks again CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG,

Checked their site and it appears to be a known problem. Ticked the "Hide notification" box, so fingers crossed. Should have checked there first-Doh!


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