generic error

  alan 2273 18:10 15 Oct 2003

can anyone help with this,
The following error has occured,
Assertion:`i Num_Options at C:\projects\Tomb Raider\ game\ Frontend\ menu.C (200)

  [DELETED] 19:40 15 Oct 2003

Have you tried Edios' website?click here

Failing that bit of advice, I am probably no use to you but the people who will be will find which game (obviously one of the Tomb Raider but there's a few of them) and a few details of your specs and windows version.

  alan 2273 08:28 16 Oct 2003

I apologise for the lack of details.
The game is Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness.
My machine specs are as follows,
AMD 2200XP--1GB 266 DDR--80Gb maxtor HD --MSI G force 4 Ti 4800SE graphics.
THe problem is one of the control buttons (NUM 0)will not work I have tried changing it for another button but it will not work, then I get this Generic error .

  [DELETED] 08:33 16 Oct 2003

I am sure someone on here will be able to lend a hand now they have a bit more info but if not I have contacted Eidos' tech support before (go via my link above) and found them helpful. It may be worth dropping them a line too.

Good luck.

  alan 2273 16:44 16 Oct 2003


  alan 2273 19:03 16 Oct 2003


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