Generic driver for D: drive

  Ally 00:17 21 Oct 2003

I posted a new subject on sunday but the replies I got didn't work. I have DOS 6.22 loaded but nothing else. "Taran" suggested downloading a startup disk for Windows 98, which is what I want to to install. I did so and started my PC with the disk in the A drive but when it started it just said 'remove disk and press any key to return to DOS' Is there anywhere I can just download a generic driver for my CD drive?

  DieSse 00:37 21 Oct 2003

Windows 98 startup diskettes have a generic CD driver on them.

Perhaps you haven't got a standard startup diskette. The message you get is not one I would associate with a normal startup diskette.

You don't have an old type CD drive connected to a sound card by any chance? - these need different drivers altogether.

  Ally 16:16 22 Oct 2003

I really need some help with this.
1. Was running XP. Used utility to try and create a partition, ended up formatting C: drive.
2. No disks for XP but OK want to install 98SE anyway.
3. Installed DOS 6.22 OK
4. Cannot get PC to recognise D: CD/DVD drive.
5. Tried all suggestions from responses to previous request for help.
5. Have tried to start from window 98 startup disk,downloaded from the net, but A: does not recognise floppy.
6. Have tried with and without DOS 6.22 installed. Still no joy.
7. Is all I want is a generic driver for my D: drive but can't fine one.
8. I know this will work because I tried to use a driver from a floppy that was from an old PC and it was recongnised, but the version was too old.
9. I'm at my wits end, I have a PC with no OS and my daughter really needs it. She's 17 but has special needs and relies on it a lot.

Thanks out there I have every confidence in you.


  pj123 16:31 22 Oct 2003

You appear to have a computer that can access the internet. So go to click here and download a bootdisk for Win98. Once you have that transfer it to a floppy disk. Now start the PC you want and insert the floppy disk. Click on Start with CD support. You will then need to "fdisk" and "format" the hard disk. When that is finished, restart the computer and using the bootdisk, again to Start with CD support. When you get to the A:\ put the Win 98 CD in the CD drive and change to the CD drive (which will probably be E: by typing e:\ and pressing enter. When you get the E:\ prompt type setup and press enter.

  keith-236785 16:32 22 Oct 2003

if you send me a email with your address, i will gladly send you a cdrom setup disk.

do not put your address on the forum, use the envelope at the side of my name.

alternatively, goto click here and see if you can find what you need.

good luck

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