generic dialer

  [DELETED] 02:03 18 Aug 2003

Upon doing a virus scan. I discover that my computer has some files infected by a generic dialer. One of the files is FS1384. CAB=>C:\_ RESTORE\ARCHIVE\FS1384.CAB\A0134068.CPY. I am unable to delete or quarantine this file. There are some other files infected. I have checked the McAfee website and they say it is not a virus but how do I get rid of these as it is a pain to have these show up every time that I do a virus scan. I have McAfee virus scan 6.02.3000.1 with version 4.0.4285 which is the latest download as I have my updater set to update automaticly. ( I know spelling crap). Thanks in advance sniffey

  [DELETED] 08:30 18 Aug 2003

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