General Vista problems

  highside 11:58 19 Dec 2008

A general question about what I am beggining to think are unsolvable built in bugs in Vista which I have spent hours searching for answers on the net and got nowwhere despite trying all the suggested remedies.
1)"Windows Explorer (v7 in my case) has stopped working"
2)"Win Host Process has stopped working"
3)"windows Photo Gallery has stopped working"
4) "Tool for creating Autoplay CD & DVD has stopped working"
The last one prevents me fully installing WinTV although it is a perfectly straightforward procedure on an older laptop which has XP.
Any thoughts are these all connected.
I think it may be a vista - other programs compatibility anomaly which XP does'nt have?
Thanks for looking

  highside 12:11 19 Dec 2008

ps I Forget to add,
"Microsoft Auto play repair wizard has stopped working"

  Ozy 12:34 19 Dec 2008

with so many things going wrong, its time to backup and reinstall

  skidzy 14:12 19 Dec 2008

Two things to try first;

1) Run the System File Checker

The System File Checker is an important application which scans the integrity of all the protected system files on your PC. Should it locate an incorrect version of a specific protected file SFC automatically replaces it with the correct Microsoft version.

To check your Windows protected files, proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button

2/ From the Start Menu, Click All programs followed by Accessories

3/ In the Accessories menu, Right Click on the Command Prompt option

4/ From the drop down menu that appears, Click on the 'Run as administrator' option

5/ If you have the User Account Control (UAC) enabled you will be asked for authorisation prior to the command prompt opening. You may simply need to press the Continue button if you are the administrator or insert the administrator password etc.

6/ In the Command Prompt window, type: sfc /scannow and then press Enter

7/ A message will appear stating that 'the system scan will begin'

8/ Be patient because the scan may take some time

9/ If any files require replacing SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Vista DVD for this process to continue

10/ If everything is okay you should, after the scan, see the following message "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"

11/ After the scan has completed, Close the command prompt window

2) If this fails,try a Startup Repair click here

This certainly sounds like you have corrupt windows files,running the sfc and startup repair should sort most of your issues.

  Esc4p3 16:01 19 Dec 2008

Something else to bear in mind - if WinTV is the Hauppage application for viewing TV, then you don't need this if you have Windows Media Centre, as Media Centre will recognise your TV card/USB stick. I have personally found Media Centre to be better than WinTV and I can pick up more channels.

  rdave13 19:44 19 Dec 2008

As well as above it could be a virus or malware. Run scans.

  highside 22:15 20 Dec 2008

Thanks to all for replies.
Made some progress, the wintv problem was due to a "fix" I downloaded some time ago because of Com Surrogate problems, removed the fix and wintv download completed. (thanks Esc4p3 I was not aware of the Media Centre TV, something else to play with!!)
Also have now downloaded a microsoft fix MSKB946758.exe which is to prevent Windows Explorer closing and restarting. (Win Ex not IE, I stupidly put V7 in my query)click here

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