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  hawthorn59 00:24 11 Mar 2004

Hi All!

I have a new PC with just Norton AV 2003 on it. I would like an uninstaller as add/remove does not catch every programme that is installed. My main questions:

1 What, in your opinion, is the best AV package? and how good is Norton?

2 Same question for uninstaller?

3 I had Norton System Works 2003 on my old pc, would this be a good all round package? It includes Cleansweep, how good is that?

4 Should I install System Works 2003? And do I have to remove Norton AV 2003 first?

There was an AV programme on your DEC/JAN disk (just bought the mag yesterday!) is this better than Norton, or should I stick to Norton,as I have it?

What else should I have for security?

Many thanks


  hugh-265156 01:11 11 Mar 2004

first off,if you have windows me or xp the make a restore point.if things go wrong you can always go back.

uninstaller click here

1. norton is as good as any other av if kept up to date and run regulary.i myself use free avg click here as my antivirus and have tried both free zone alarm and free outpost click here click here both very good.

2.the free ones uninstall via add remove sometimes is a wee bit more difficult to remove completly as you have to run the rnav2003.exe utillity after add remove progs to fully get rid..

3.if it works on your system and gives you no problems then use it.if it gives problems then dont.some people like it others dont.opinions vary on the subject or systemworks.

4.systemworks contains norton antivirus so.yes i would uninstall any standalone version and then reinstall it as part of systemworks and update it.see how ya here for the symantec knowledge base.

  spuds 01:38 11 Mar 2004

Here is three sites that maybe of interest click here click here click here

  frazky 03:07 11 Mar 2004

if you are not a gamer - my vote goes with nortonsystemworks - for amateurs like myself certainly it has helped me over 3yrs.(keep an image of your pristine OS if you can).PS
others will disagree.

  temp003 04:12 11 Mar 2004

Since you already have the SystemWorks CD, might as well use it. [I still do.] The best features I find are WinDoctor and Speed Disk.

NAV is fine, even though it suffers the same fault as most Norton programs, hogging resources, and sometimes slow to load. But since you have it, I don't think it's necessary to use other AV apps.

When you install SW, you can select Custom Installation, click the down arrows against each component and select Not Available on this computer (or something like that) to deselect it - so you could let NAV on your computer, but leave it out in installation of SW).

But I would still recommend uninstalling your existing NAV2003 first, restart and install it as part of the SW package. You also get a full year of free updates. Usually NAV that comes preintalled on OEM computers has only 6 months.

I find Norton SystemDoctor and Norton Unerase a waste of time. The former is definitely useless, the latter I've never needed it to restore a file. But it's up to you. You can either deselect them during Custom Installation, or disable them after installation.

GoBack is also included in SW 2003 and can be installed separately. A lot of people like it and find it very useful. The trouble is sometimes when Windows gets into really serious problems, like refusing to boot into Windows, GoBack can stand in the way of repair and can be a bit of a pain to disable, as it's sort of integrated into the MBR.

Uninstall programs. Personally I don't think it's necessary to have special programs. I tried once using an older version of Clean Sweep to track installation information, but it gets so complicated keeping track of the logs themselves made by Clean Sweep that I found it not worth the trouble.

WinDoctor will take care of the registry remnants (which is more important) of uninstalled programs. As to files and folders, a browse through My Computer usually throws up the orphan folders.

The internet cleanup side of Clean Sweep has basically been taken over by Web Tools in SW 2003. The latter wipes Internet History as well. You can configure what cookies/cache files to keep from specific websites. Clean Sweep is still useful for finding out what Active X controls or plugins are installed on your computer.

Other security programs - free firewall - ZoneAlarm or Sygate.

Spyware is getting pretty rampant these days. How much you're vulnerable depends on your surfing habits.

There are many free spyware catchers.

SpywareBlaster is more preventive.

For detection and removal, try Spybot S & D, or Adaware, CWShredder, Hijack This.

You don't need to install all of them. But sometimes they complement one another (so install another one as needed). Note also that they can detect another spyware remover program as spyware, just ignore that detection.

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