General Motherboard/Processor info sought?

  JUSZO 00:02 01 Feb 2003

Hiya. I've just bought a Full Size tower case and want to cannibalise my current system, to put in it.
Its previous owner was using an Abit Motherboard with an AMD Athlon 1.7 processor.
I've looked on Ebay(cos money is a bit tight) and there seems to be lots of Abit motherboards and AMD processors, but I'm unsure as to which to go for. Does it make that much difference? Is there a type to go for? or to avoid? Any opinions and advice would be very much appreciated....Thanks

  blakdog 01:08 01 Feb 2003

Have a KT 7 RAID board which runs really well but I had problems with the USB on it. Nothing major - I kept having problems using my epson printer. Currently running a Gigabyte GA7-VAX board with DDR Ram and an XP1800 and can thoroughly recommend the board. It's not the fastest mobo around but it is really stable and has plenty of features. I suggest you take a look at the major suppliers like dabs, as kit of this kind can be had at some reasonable prices these days and buying new gives you the benefit of a warranty. Most of the good stuff I see on ebay seems to go for silly money these days.

  JUSZO 08:10 01 Feb 2003

Will take your advice . Many thanks.

  JUSZO 08:14 01 Feb 2003

Hi there. I have BT Broadband which general works very well and is a marked imrovement from my old dial up modem UNTIL I try and downloads things from Kazaa.
Occasionally its okay but most of the time its as slow as my old dial up, sometimes slower, with speeds of 0.7 or 0.8!!!
As I got broadband to download lots of multimedia, what, if anything, am I doing wrong? Is there any other people who have this problem, and is there a remedy?

  MAJ 08:19 01 Feb 2003

You'll have better luck getting an answer, if you start a new thread.

  AMD 4 ever 08:28 01 Feb 2003

What is your budget, as this predominantly be your path....if it can stretch, then get a XP Athlon and Nice mobo, combo. If not then perhaps a Duron or Athlon, but as second hand these can sometims go for as much as a new XP Athl, so becareful!

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