Genealogy/family tree software or similar

  Sparkly 11:54 17 Apr 2007

Hi could anyone reccomend a good peice of software or web based Genealogy for tracing your family tree,i have never done any of this sort of thing before but it has only come to light recently that my mother told me that she did not know or have much information about her dad or (who died when she was small)his family or past, i have looked on the web but so many come up i am not sure which is the better.I would be searching mostly UK based as far as i can work out but to be able to trace members abroad might allso be usefull, i am not nessiceraly looking for a free prog and dont mind payeing but i would like it to be a good prog or website based prog where you get what you pay for and not rubbish so if you have any ideas or links i would be gratefull.

  Spark6 12:23 17 Apr 2007

When you start, simply make a detailed note of the facts as you know them. There is no necessity to purchase software at this stage.

Visit click here and enter the details you know. These details will appear in the form of a family tree and will have the added advantage that other contributors will see the names of your relatives but will not be able to view your tree without your permission.

Subscribe to click here and you will have access to BMD's, Census reports etc. Google: genealogy, family tree, family records, BMD etc and follow your nose. I'm back to the mid 1750's doing the above.

Happy hunting and let us know how you get on.

  Sparkly 12:36 17 Apr 2007

Thanks for your help Spark6 i will give them both ago, the sounds if its a bit more in depth but might be worth subscribing to thanks again and here goes.

  P1d 12:52 17 Apr 2007

I'm back to the mid 1800's but am researching the Scottish side so the websites are slightly different. This weeks Sunday Mail gave away 20 free credits to a Scottish Genealogy website which was ideal for me.

I have used Legacy and Family Tree Maker, I prefer Family Tree Maker as the reports it generates seem to be visually easier on the eye.

click here will provide you with some reviews which you may find useful, I've heard people mention RootsMagic but don;t know of anyone who has actually used it.

Be aware that if you decide to use another program then you may need to re-enter some information. For example, I entered all my data into Legacy, I then realised I didn't like the reports it generated so switched to Family Tree maker. I had to use the export function to create a "gedcom" file which could be imported into Family Tree Maker, it seems to have carried over most of the data, the only issue I had was for two people it showed their forename as their surname and vice versa but this was easily amended.

Sorry for the long response, I was only intending to write a short reply.

Happy hunting, it would be good to know how to get on.

  Jeecie 12:59 17 Apr 2007


  Sparkly 13:01 17 Apr 2007

Hi P1d dont worry about the long responce its good of you to bother i was looking at Family Tree Maker earlier today and i might give it some consideration. Thanks again.

  Sebastian Ereira 13:01 17 Apr 2007

use click here it is really good

  Sparkly 13:05 17 Apr 2007

Thanks allso Sebastian Ereira plenty of coices now Thanks for the link.

  stylehurst 14:05 17 Apr 2007

I've been researching for about 15 years & for most of that time I used Family Tree Maker. Some 18 months ago I changed to Roots Magic, & find this to be a much better program.
Find My Past is another very good PPV site.
Also have a look at Rootsweb or Cindys List.
If you get really keen its worth joining your local Family History Society.

  Sparkly 14:55 17 Apr 2007

Thanks stylehurst i have just bought Family Tree Maker (second hand) just to see how i get on but thanks for the other links.

  Sethhaniel 15:14 17 Apr 2007

click here

they have free software to download plus the most comprehensive search facility

well recommended

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