geforce4 ti 4200 or fx 5200 ?

  pinka 20:54 24 May 2003

i already own a leadtek ti4200 64mb card but have seen an inno 3d fx5200 128mb card on ebay for £67 , when 6 months ago my card cost me £120 does this mean the 5200 is pants , can anyone advise if it would be an upgrade or not to switch to a 5200 ?

  behrouzn 21:08 24 May 2003

I wouldnt buy from ebay for that price, because you can get it new for just £70.

In my opinion, the FX5200 is probably better, and it doesnt use a fan either, but it isnt that much of an upgrade from the Ti4200.

If you want a good card, look at the amazing price of this FX 5600 click here

This costs about £300 in other places, so I dont know why its so cheap.

  Sion 21:22 24 May 2003

The FX5200 is a lousy card, and nowhere near as fast as a ti4200. The FX5200 was designed to replace the GeForce4 MX range, and its performance isnt much better than those cards.

Stick witht the Ti4200. The only upgrade you should want is a Radeon 9700 or 9800pro, or the soon to be released Geforece FX5900. Don't bother with the current FX range. The cheap ones are pretty lousy (for gaming anyway, i'm sure they are fine for Excel) and the high-end cards are noisier than 747.

  citadel 21:27 24 May 2003

In graphic card reviews I have read the fx5200 has failed to impress. The price tells the story, I would not swop my ti4200 for one.

  Sion 21:30 24 May 2003

Here, click here for a benchmark of the 5200 card. As you can/will see, it is no match for the Ti4200.

  pinka 21:59 24 May 2003

thanks all , will stick with my ti for a while .

  professor 22:05 24 May 2003

uts simple if you are looking for a great performer at a cheap price you cant beat the Radeon 9500pro or the Radeon9600pro if you can get one as they are pretty rare at the moment get the Radeon 9600pro it is far superior to the 9500pro and at £130 its a steal. dont bother with any nvidia cards as they are nothing more than yet another re-worked geforce3. soon ATI are going to release the Radeon 9800pro with 256MB DDR2 and a 256bit engine with all the trimmings and as you can guess its going to kick the crap out of the 5900FX too at the 5900FX only has 256MB DDR1 where as the Radeon 9800pro has 256MB DDR2.


  Sion 23:05 24 May 2003

Why spend £130 on a card (Radeon 9500) that offers a minimal increase in performance over a Ti4200. If your going to upgrade, the only cards that will REALLY give your system a performance boost, and are probably worth the cash, is a Radeon 9800 or the soon to be released GeForce FX5900. The Radeon 9500 is a good card don't get me wrong, but I don't believe its worth spending £130 on a card that offers little more than the Ti4200.

Sure it has Direct x 9 support, but how many games at the moment are takign advantage of Directx 9. Most games barely make use of Direct X 8 at the moment. I have seen any games released lately that require pixel and vertex shaders.

As for the Radeon 9800 kicking the stuffing out of FX5900, perhaps you should see some benchmarks of them performing against one another.

  jediknight007 23:41 24 May 2003

£300? click here

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