geforce4 mx440 graphics card problem plz help.

  dek26 17:17 27 Sep 2003

i have just got my sel a geforce4 mx 440 graphics card but when i install it my computer freezes up, i have an amd athlon xp 1.4 ghz processor and 320 mb ram and a 35 gig hard drive the motherboard is an M810LR if that makes any sense 2 any1 out there then please give me sum advise oh and im runnin windows xp pro if that helps.

  bremner 17:23 27 Sep 2003

The motherboard has on board graphics have you discabled this?

  Djohn 17:32 27 Sep 2003

As bremner says, also if you had a previous card, you will need to remove the drivers before installing the new card. I have the same card, it is excellent value for money and works fine with XP. and AMD processors. j.

  dek26 17:34 27 Sep 2003

i have enabled it 2 agp graphics and the card i had b4 is built in 2 the motherboard

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