Geforce4 MX440 3D Acce;eration

  RichieT 16:57 13 Sep 2003

I have recently upgraded the driver for the above to enable my computer to play DVDs
Now I find that I have lost 3D acceleration when I test DirectX
I have DirectX 9 loaded and all WinMe Updates
I have read the Release notes for the driver on the NVIDIA Website and enabled AGP4X in the Bios and added a line into the Registry to no avail
The test results are
D3D Test Result: Failure at step 18 (CreateDevice): HRESULT = 0x80004005 (Generic failure)
I would like to know if this is a Graphic card failure or have I missed some other step in setup or update?
Thanks for any help folks!!
PS I have Via chips on the motherboard

  DieSse 17:20 13 Sep 2003

Have you installed the lates Via 4-in-1 motherboard drivers, as they greatly influence how AGP support works.

  RichieT 18:15 13 Sep 2003

Hello DieSse
I have just downloaded the Via Drivers but they did not solve the problem
What's annoying about this is that I have had the 3D working before using a less recent driver but can't find the Archive page on the NVIDIA Website
It's my view that the latest driver is the culprit

  rev.bem 19:28 13 Sep 2003

If you are using version 45.23 try 44.03

click here

I downloaded and installed it ealier this year and noticed a marked improvment in performance,i was going to install 45.23 but i'm sure i read a less than favorible posting about it on this forum so i gave it a miss.

  RichieT 20:02 13 Sep 2003

Hello rev.bem
I agree When I went to your hyperlink I noticed that the drivers are only WHQL Certified for the FX Range which may be the problem when trying to get DX Diag to work At the moment i can get the screen but as the progress slider moves I lose more and more mouse control suggesting a conflict and I can't get the page to even open I have since found the Archive page and I am systamatically downloading all the drivers and then I will install them one at a time until I can watch DVDs and hopefully get back my 3D Acceleration

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